Rachel Roy speaks: ‘There is no truth to the rumors’ that she’s Jay Z’s ‘side chick’



From the moment Lemonade debuted Saturday, the Beyhive’s been buzzing incessantly: Who is “Becky with the good hair,” the “side chick” Beyoncé so fiercely calls out in the visual album’s fourth track, “Sorry”?

Though the mystery remains, at least one celebrity is saying she’s not the Becky you’re looking for: Designer Rachel Roy, who released a statement to People Tuesday that says, in part, “There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally. There is no truth to the rumors.”

It’s possible, of course, that there is no “Becky.” The name’s been used as a metonym for “basic white girl” since at least the “Baby Got Back” era. Read more…

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8 Hilarious Webcomics That Show a Different Side of Batman



Being Batman is serious business.

When it comes to Dark Knight canon, anything goes. After 75 years of fighting crime, ol’ Bruce Wayne has been through pretty much everything a human being can possibly go through, sadness-wise. But don’t think every part of his character has been explored. These hilarious webcomic artists are here to show you that there’s more to Batman than meets the eye.

“It’s probably not that obvious when you look at my work,” Christian Henry, creator of Anyone for Rhubarb tells Mashable. “But I would say superheroes like Batman have made up the foundation for how I perceive, understand and go about making comics.” Read more…

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Photographer Shows the Sweet Side of Pit Bulls



Dogs bring joy, tail wags and companionship to their humans — no matter the breed

Pit bulls’ muscular strength have earned them a label as being aggressive or dangerous, but as thousands of dogs endure abuse and end up locked away in shelters, there has been a push to help these animals overhaul their reputation.

Photographer Douglas Sonders began his photography series, Not a Bully, in 2012 to help dogs in need — specifically ones who are labeled as “bully breeds,” a term used for 14 dog breeds including French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers

“The goal … is to serve as a positive PR campaign to share that despite what some bad humans have done to these dogs, they are inherently sweet and very trainable,” Sonders tells Mashable. Read more…

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