See what it’s like to be an astronaut through Snapchat



To celebrate the International Space Station’s 100,000th orbit around the Earth, astronaut and Space Station commander Tim Kopra documented his day via Snapchat. Here are some of our favorite clips from his fun-filled day. Prepare for Snapchat Story envy.

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A Congressman Just Joined Snapchat and It’s Not Anthony Weiner



We already knew Rand Paul was a fan of long form. Now he’s taking a stab at a more phantasmal form of communication — Snapchat.

The Republican U.S. Senator from Kentucky signed up for the popular yet somewhat controversial photo-sharing app, he announced in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Paul will send the first snap from his account, under the username “senatorrandpaul,” on Wednesday evening.

Paul’s first official post came a bit earlier, though. Upon adding him on Wednesday morning, we were able to view a six-second Snapchat story that was pushed out to his followers Read more…

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