Snapchatters on iOS can now swap faces with pictures on their phone



Face swapping has to be one of the creepiest, most popular Snapchat trends of 2016, but until now, users haven’t easily been able to tell just what they’d look like with Taylor Swift’s face.

With its latest iOS update, released Thursday, Snapchat will now allow you to face swap with a photo from your phone’s camera roll, meaning all those celebrity screen shots will be good for something.

Camera roll face swap in action.

Image: mashable

The update will also allow users to replay any snap once for free — an extension of something Snapchat first introduced in 2013 that let users replay one snap per day. It’s a walk back from a previous paid feature the company introduced in late 2015, which allowed three additional replays of individual snaps for $ 0.99.  Read more…

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