6 Social Media Valentines for the One You ‘Like’



It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and maybe you’re already seeing red: Facebook invites to Valentine’s bashes, Instagram uploads of the perfect concert tickets (aka the “best gift ever”), couples changing their profile pictures to oh-so-cute selfies with each other and so on.

Cupid is coming to a News Feed near you, and you’re going to have to decide how to act. Sure, you could stick with the basics — flowers, chocolate and the like — but if you want to really impress that special someone, you’re going to have to kick it up a notch. And all you have to do is sign in to your social media accounts

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Jumping the Gun: 3 Times Social Media Perpetuated False Crimes



A hodgepodge of content from friends and brands alike, on social media it’s easy to confuse trustworthy information with gossip. As users turn more to their Facebook or Twitter feeds for news and information, especially in times of crisis, conflicting stories create concerning safety issues, whether it’s interfering with police investigations or spreading false information

Just like you did in college (we hope), check your sources before you retweet that warning about axe murders lurking in parking garages.

Look at the ways social media has negatively affected criminal investigations in the recent past. Read more…

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9 Social Media Hoaxes You Fell for in 2013



The Internet is a gullible place. Before you know it, you buy into a YouTube video, and you’re sharing Facebook posts and tweets with misinformation. If you haven’t done so yourself, you likely know someone who has.

Some of the most viral stories of the year have turned out to be fakes. Remember when Will and Monifa Sims captured our hearts in May while singing karaoke at a gas station? They were actors. And who could forget the hilarious twerking girl on fire? Simply a stunt orchestrated by Jimmy Kimmel

Not all hoaxes were videos, though. The Internet followed along with Elan Gale, a producer for The Bachelor, who live-tweeted a fake situation he claimed to experience on an airplane; an adorable kid’s letter to Santa was actually the brainchild of a comedian. Read more…

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