8 GIFs that perfectly capture the stormy state of the GOP



So it has come to this.

Donald Trump is alone atop the heap of GOP candidates that have been eaten up by this election cycle. On Tuesday, Ted Cruz suspended his campaign and on Wednesday John Kasich followed suit.

Now, Republicans across the country are either freaking out or trying to find some semblance of calm after nothing has gone according to plan over the past 11 months. 

So how are the various groups of the GOP taking the news? Well, mileage may vary.

Reince Priebus

The man in charge of the Republican National Committee seems to be taking things in stride, tweeting that Trump was the presumptive nominee before Kasich even dropped out. He also retweeted a GOP tweet, thanking former candidates for a hard fought campaign and saying the party was better off after the highly contentious primary contests that, at one point, devolved into discussions about penis size. Read more…

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Oprah celebrating at Obama State Ball

A few nice Oprah images I found:

Oprah celebrating at Obama State Ball
Image by Talk Radio News Service
Oprah made an appearance at the Obama State Ball on inauguration night.

Image by Ruthieki
The Oprah show audience is mostly middle-aged women, very well-groomed and well-dressed. Lots of jewel-tone sweaters and designer handbags. Lots of make-up and huge diamond rings.

I have reached a higher state of consciousness thanks to reading the works of wayne dyer and eckhart tolle. U?

wayne dyer
by Squid!

Question by enlightened: I have reached a higher state of consciousness thanks to reading the works of wayne dyer and eckhart tolle. U?
Have you experienced this higher state ?

I read the power of now by mr tolle and it changed my life. i have totally dis-associated with the mind.
I have watched many seminars from wayne dyer and i have reached i feel an almost buddha like state.

How about you ? have i inspired ?

Best answer:

Answer by (TLS) Matthew 24:27
No, You haven’t inspired me, Because Jesus already did, accept it.

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