‘Game of Thrones’ Super Mario Mashup Will Have You Humming in 8-Bit



Brace yourself, two entertainment Houses are about to collide in an epic mashup.

The Shy Guys and Goombas of “Super Mario World” take a page out of Game of Thrones by raising their banners to the HBO show’s theme song. As the tune plays in the background, in all its 8-bit glory, you will be reminded of a series far bloodier than the game you played on Nintendo.

If there were to be a television series based on Mario and company, we’d want this to be the opening credits. But based on prior live-action Mario attempts, we’re not sure if we want to see that any time soon. Read more…

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What Google Autocomplete Says About Super Bowl Advertisers



With the Super Bowl now less than a week away, advertisers are in full attention-seeking mode, buying up searches, dropping their ads on YouTube and trying to get their hashtags into circulation.

All the marketing money in the world doesn’t seem to stop Google autocomplete from unearthing ugly truths — or at least unattractive misconceptions — about the brands. As dozens of brands gear up to premiere their $ 4 million-plus ads on Sunday, here’s a glimpse at what consumers really think of them. If you Google the phrase “Why is X so…” these are your answers. For some brands, like Heinz and Butterfinger, this is good news. For others — we’re looking at you, GoDaddy — not so much Read more…

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