Has anyone here taken a seminar by Robert Kiyosaki?

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Question by mugentuner: Has anyone here taken a seminar by Robert Kiyosaki?
I’m looking for reviews on his seminars particularly in the Arizona area where they are usually held. Has anyone had good experience with any of these and did it help your financial life any? I’m skeptical of many seminars/ books/ coaching except for T. Harv Eker’s Intensive which was worth every penny and has helped me as well as others that were in my group. Rich Dad, Poor Dad want thousands of dollars for their “predict the future” type seminars so wondering if it is even worth it as the investment.
Forgot to mention i’ve read a few of his books: Rich Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, Why we want you to be rich (‘w’ Trump) and before you quit your job. All were descent in that gives you a good financial mindset but are very broad and generalized. Was just wondering if he would compare to the heavyweights like Tony Robbins (which i’ve heard are excellent for financial, powerful motivation) and Peak Potentials or even Brian Tracy.

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Answer by Space Invader101
I don’t blame you for being a skeptic. I have read a couple of Robert’s books. They’re good, but their only as a general ‘big picture’ overview of managing your finances.

The information at the seminar will be useful, but not worth the price.

Quality investment books are the best and most cost efficient way to learn.

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