Siri’s creators introduce Viv, their new AI-powered personal assistant



Siri may be synonymous with the words “digital assistant,” but Apple’s sassy assistant will soon have a lot more competition — and it’s going to come from the same people who first created Siri in 2007.

Viv, a new artificial intelligence-powered assistant app, just made its formal public debut and it looks like the app will be well worth the waitDag Kittlaus, the company’s CEO (and one of the original Siri cofounders), took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York on Monday to show off the assistant in the company’s first public demonstration of the app. 

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Seagull basically forces family to accept it as their pet



If you thought seagulls existed solely to swoop in and steal your snacks on the beach, think again. We also have to fear seagulls strolling through our homes and stealing our pet’s food.

According to The Herald a seagull, nicknamed Beakie, visits a family’s home, ”six times a day to steal cat biscuits.”

Beakie apparently loves Andrew and Jacqui Merrington’s house and has made himself a part of the family by persistently knocking on the glass sliding door with his beak whenever he wants to visit.

Merrington told The Herald“My daughter named it as it would just loiter around and was a fixture on our decking all last summer.” Read more…

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Yoga enthusiasts strike poses on a cliff to show they’ve conquered their fear of heights



There are perhaps fewer gut-twisting, terrifying weekend activities to do than doing yoga overlooking a death drop off the side of a mountain.

A group of Chinese women gathered on Sunday for a yoga display at the summit of the Shuangfeng mountain in central China’s Hubei province.

Image: Wang zheng/Imaginechina



The performance, according to Chinese media, was in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The women were also joined by a group of Taichi masters who, too, proved that they weren’t intimidated by the altitude. Read more…

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Snapchatters on iOS can now swap faces with pictures on their phone



Face swapping has to be one of the creepiest, most popular Snapchat trends of 2016, but until now, users haven’t easily been able to tell just what they’d look like with Taylor Swift’s face.

With its latest iOS update, released Thursday, Snapchat will now allow you to face swap with a photo from your phone’s camera roll, meaning all those celebrity screen shots will be good for something.

Camera roll face swap in action.

Image: mashable

The update will also allow users to replay any snap once for free — an extension of something Snapchat first introduced in 2013 that let users replay one snap per day. It’s a walk back from a previous paid feature the company introduced in late 2015, which allowed three additional replays of individual snaps for $ 0.99.  Read more…

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What are some good author s who sell their books for free on Kindle fire HD?

Question by unknown: What are some good author s who sell their books for free on Kindle fire HD?
Like I am into paranormal romance novels and werewolfs ones like The Mating by Nicky Charles. But all the other books are like 3 dollars each and I’m broke :(. So what are some good authors who sell their books for free?

Best answer:

Answer by Lauryn
Books are only offered for free through KDP for a limited period of time. You’re only able to offer a book for free for 5 days every three months, so which titles are free changes all the time. When you go to Amazon you can search just the free titles. is a site where authors will often advertise their free books, and they have other deals too. You might find it helpful.

You also might want to join They are constantly running giveaways and in their forums you can find authors promoting their free days or even authors willing to give away copies in exchange for reviews.

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I look like crap and my rooms a mess, but hey. I wanted to talk about Adult Romance Novels.
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What is an inspirational quote that would help someone continue writing their paper?

Question by Lost and Innocent: What is an inspirational quote that would help someone continue writing their paper?
A inspirational quote that you have, or someone has said in the past that will help someone write their research paper in school.

Best answer:

Answer by Minty
“They never said it’d be easy, they just said it’d be worth it”

-The quote reminds me that all things it worth having in life, require time and commitment – just like writing a research paper

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