power of positive thinking ?

Question by DKNY D: power of positive thinking ?
How can I learn to do this ? I mean I am automatically been programmed to think negatively, I need help. I hate everything, everyone, and spreading like a disease.

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Answer by Wade Garrett
You have already started the journey toward positive thinking by asking this question, and “knowing” that you have been programmed to think negative, how exciting !! Many negative thinkers never reach this 1st stage of awareness and you have !!. You have to re-train the “way” you think. This takes years, but soon you’ll have a blast as you experience the “power” and “joy” that positive thinking brings. A small, but powerfull example is…you are riding in a car, and you or a passenger says “can you believe how many people throw trash out on the road, how disgusting !, you and others will likey buy into being offended and have a negative feeling. Stop, look for the positive, as in “yes, but imagine how many people drive down this road, dozens, hundreds a day maybe, and do not throw trash on the road, most people respect the land and I choose to focus on that”. Do this, and you have just rejected negative, and replaced it with positive. Once your mind learns to reject or replace negative, with positive, you are off and running but it takes awareness and concentration and lots of practice. After not to long, your mind will learn to do this automatically and it won’t take much effort. Very important, if you are surrounded by negative people, this will be very hard if not near impossible, as you will be bombarded with negativety. You must stay well clear of these types of people and unfortunately, the world is full of them. Do not have the illusion that you can surround yourself with only positive people as they are a minority. Being alone, is much better than being with the “toxic” or negative. This can be a lonely journey, because most people “look” for things to be offended at instead of things to be thankful for. Be careful about trying your new positive thoughts around the negative ones, as they may attack and ridicule you as in, “how dare you have positive thoughts and try for a better life, we want you to wallow in misery like us”. It is their way of saying they don’t want to take responsibility for their lives and if you do, it will increase their guilt that they are not. This may sound like a corny saying, but it is true and real “Change the WAY you look at things, and the things you look at change”. The most highest, intense suggestion I can make to you, to greatly speed up and understand this process toward positive thinking, is find and get audio CD’s, and books by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is all about moving away from the lower, slower, destructive, negative energies, into the faster, higher, more loving and healing energies of spirit and positive thinking. Be careful not to get into “wishful thinking”, stay in reality. What you think, or focus on, you attract more of into your life, positive or negative. I myself am, and have always been a positive thinker and Wayne Dyer’s teachings have made my life even better. Now, go get em’ tiger, a new and wonderful life has just started for you, but remember, you must work at it and DO NOT lose your focus. Print this and hang it on a wall if you need to. Good fortune, and God’s speed my friend !!

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The power of positive thinking?

Question by Lala: The power of positive thinking?
For anyone who is familiar with Louise Hay (Hay House Publishing) and her book “You can Heal your Life,” what do you guys think about the mind’s power to heal physical illness? Can just the simple act of thinking positive and truly believing in positive mantras manifest itself physically, and what effect does this idea have on our ideas about the psychological phenomenon known as “Placebo effect”?
Trevor V: Clinical Psychiatry is a medical profession.
Scheier and Carver (2 psychiatrists) wrote a report published by the American Psychological Association in the journal “Current Directions in Psychological Science” 1993 Feb Vol 2(1) 26-30
Look it up.

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Answer by Trevor V
ever notice that REAL doctors dont ever publish reports on this nonsense?!?! the mind is powerful, and self hypnosis has been shown to beneficial in the medical field, but that is completely difference from this mumbo jumbo. people are gullible.

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How can anyone seriously believe in positive thinking?

Question by Clueless: How can anyone seriously believe in positive thinking?
Positive thinking is deceptive more or less by definition. Over the course of your life, you are confronted with different realities: some positive, others much less so… Making your perception unconditionally positive is willful ignorance at best, denial at worst, self-deception by any other name. Worst of all, it stops you from doing any real problem solving because it doesn’t let you acknowledge the problem in the first place. It’s often combined with “just be yourself” platitudes. You know: do the same thing, expect a different result.

Some “positive thinkers” will make a disclaimer and say it’s not denial or that they discourage denial, but in practice, you can go through the list of issues you’re dealing with, and they will invariably deny, whitewash or sugarcoat every single one of them.

Positive thinking hurt me in the past. Big time. I had very, very real problems. I followed the advice, and things started to get progressively worse, in a downward spiral. It took me a while to recover, and I had to go against “what the doctor ordered”, acknowledge the issues and change myself quite significantly (i.e. habits, behaviors, communication style, personal style) to better fit the world’s expectations. I had to acknowledge the basic fact that people aren’t wrong to have expectations that go against what I’m used to and that I have them too.

And yet, when I discuss any current issues (minor ones in comparison), positive thinking is all I get – even after pointing this out.

How can anyone believe it? How can others consciously lie to themselves and not see through their own lies – even when reality shows itself? How can I argue with that if everyone believes or pretends to believe it so fervently?

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Answer by lala
Positive thinking is not living in denial and in lies of real life fact

Positive thinking is ;;; you look the present with wide open eyes and you get the better of it
Here a example that I live 39 yrs ago

I lost a still born baby [ full term ]
Its no small cake for a mother
because we had live together for months
So ;; yes I did cry and yes I was mad at God
and yes : I was mad at my body
I took the decision to not stay in this dark place

I knew I could get prego easily ;; so I said to myself

OK as soon as possible I will get pregnant again
and I did just that [ this is positive thinking ]
I had another baby
he was a boy

this boy now is a doctor

but If I had choose to pity myself and deny this lost
I would have stayed negative
Facing the reality is ALWAYS the best way to deal with ANY problems
but ; you do not need to go in a dark place and stay there

so its a choice ;; being realistic and positive
or being in denial and stay negative

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Do you believe that positive thinking will make you rich ?

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Question by : Do you believe that positive thinking will make you rich ?
I dont but it may help .

I know a person that centere there life around postive thinking .I feel that positive thinking is good but I do not believe that a milions postive thoughts will change my situation .I feel that my actions along with my postive attitude help create a better path for myself.If postive thinking alone could change my life I think millions around the globe would be rich some believe in lotteries ,church and a miracle to happen .Good things I feel happen not because they where meant to be but because action was taken ,I feel there are no such thing as a coincidence ,or predertermined event .A felon can decide to be a garbagfe man but if the system says no you cant your postive thinking is of no avail.We do not control our lives as it may seem ,some get lucky and prosper others with all there psotive efforts and actions fail.Karl Marx spoke about the stage of over production.I hope that the workers and oppressed people to take head to the writtings of Marx and other comrades that sought to make the world better .While the world is full of negavity and bad news .I believe that commting to social actions and being kind to people is key to making the world a better a place.


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Answer by hannah
it doesnt hurt, that when times are bad, they dont give up. i dont mean that they dont give up on a failing business thats just dumb, but they are resourceful and try to make a failing business into a good one or dont lose hope when something can be done!!

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Do Atheists believe in Positive Thinking?

Question by St. Toad: Do Atheists believe in Positive Thinking?
Or is an attempt to influence reality by having a good attitude just another delusion?

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Answer by icarus62
We, of all people, believe in cause and effect, so yes of course we do.

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http://www.InnerEngineering.org http://www.IshaUSA.org Sadhguru talks about “Positive Thinking” and its relevance to individual growth.
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What is positive thinking?

Question by badguy: What is positive thinking?
Every body is saying postive thinking will improve our life,it is very useful to achive the goal, etc.,

but my question is what is the poitive thinking? I am tottaly confused about that….

for example: i fell in love with one girl but i couldnt get her, in this situation who one can think positivly or this is positive thinking that impossibile of to have a girl who i loved is goodness for my life .(This is only for example, lot of problems as like as above u might have been face in ur life..)
Pls any one explain me what is the positive thinking…..

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Answer by Learnlovelive
Basically positive thinking is based on the idea of universal attraction, like attracts likes, so if you think negatively, such as “damn i hate my life, i am always sick, i will probably get sick this month, since it flu season” and that person now attracts that negative experience, so they get sick. OR someone is saying “OMG Jim might not like me enough, i am never going to find anyone to ever want me, all guys are assholes, i am going to live a miserable life” and low and behold the relationship doesn’t work out and their life will be miserable because they think this way. Basically life is what you make of it, so what you think becomes your reality. In regards to positive thinking, say you have always sucked at math but you have to take Stats “you say, i am going to get an A in fact i am going to get the highest grade in the class” everyday you envision that “A” you also take action to make that a reality, and you get the highest grade in the class! (that happened to me last summer, and prior i was not a math person because i thought i wasn’t and i had negative thoughts about it) Another aspect of positive thinking is our bodies are attached to your mind, so when you think bad thoughts your body creates cortisol the stress hormone which causes inflammation in your body and results in a variety of diseases, at the least a lowered immune system so you can get sick easier, so your mind can make you sick and it can heal you based on your thoughts. The more positive you think the more positive experiences you will attract to your life. If you want something in particular, such as a girlfriend envision it happening, think positively, though you cant force it to be a specific person etc. It will be the right person.

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Can positive thinking help?

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Question by Pinkywinky: Can positive thinking help?
Do you belive that positive thinking can help mild depression? im trying to start saying positive quotes to myself now to clear my head….i feel a little down and worry to much i think i could have mild depression and dont want ot go to a doctor or a counceller….do you think it can help? i feel so negaitive and worried i feel my nerves getting bad 🙁

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Answer by ♥ Venus ♥
Posotive thinking is a good thing, but i think you should go to the doctor anyway. Depression is a chemical inbalance in the brain, and the doc will give you something mild, just to help you through your bad patch…….without treatment, the condition can get worse. I have anxiety, and nervousness, and it went on to develope in to panic attacks, which are horrendous, and i am now on medication. Go to the doctors hun, even if just for a chat about how you are feeling. Good luck!

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Positive Thinking ?

Question by JustMe<3: Positive Thinking ?
I am in sixth grade and i am doing a persuasive speech on positive thinking if you have any reasons why you should think positive or any good websites about positive thinking please tell me !!! 🙂

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Answer by San
– Positive Thinking imply to the optimism of any person.We think positive especially for the outcome,future and career etc. in order to meet the destination entirely or partially.Good thinking enable us to do anything more carefully,interestingly.It is a mental character which determines a person of professionalism.Let us not go so far,for instance,during an job interview or in the exam hall if you don’t think positively in regard of doing well,you will lose your confidence and probably wont get good result.

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What is Positive Attitude and positive thinking?

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Question by asharnajeeb2003: What is Positive Attitude and positive thinking?

i want the answer of about 400 words plz help me

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Answer by Apple Picking Season
To reach a goal take small steps!

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Dr Joe Vitale’s work and Books are not owned by me or my channel, to read more on his work and services please visit his site or purchase his work at your lo…
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It takes one positive thought to change your life, just one positive thought. So why spend your time thinking negatively?

A few nice positive thinking images I found:

It takes one positive thought to change your life, just one positive thought. So why spend your time thinking negatively?
positive thinking
Image by deeplifequotes
It takes one positive thought to change your life, just one positive thought. So why spend your time thinking negatively?

It takes one positive thought to change your life, just one positive thought. So why spend your time thinking negatively?
positive thinking
Image by deeplifequotes
It takes one positive thought to change your life, just one positive thought. So why spend your time thinking negatively?

It takes one positive thought to change your life, just one positive thought. So why spend your time thinking negatively?
positive thinking
Image by deeplifequotes
It takes one positive thought to change your life, just one positive thought. So why spend your time thinking negatively?