Psychology today?Some examples and ideas if possible?

Question by Kiratsinh Jadeja: Psychology today?Some examples and ideas if possible?
I have to make a chart paper on the theme ‘psychology today’.Digital art is allowed so I would be using photoshop and then getting it printed on a3 sized paper or something like that.
It is not so common topic and so I am facing some lack of ideas and examples..

Could you tell me how and where is psychology used today be it anywhere..
And if possible, how can I portray the theme on a chart paper.Any ideas are welcome..

Thank you.

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Answer by shir
Psychology used to be associated with seeking analysis and was often depicted in images with a man or woman lying on a couch telling their troubles to a man (typically back then) who was sitting at a desk or in a chair and taking notes. Because psychology studies many aspects of human behavior and mental processes, it is now used in many different areas to study human behavior: to make predicitons of how someone may behave in a given situation, to analyse what factors may have contributed to someone’s behavior, and attempt to improve systems of operation based upon observation of the behaviors of the humans involved in a process. There are different types of psychologists and subspecialties within these types. For instance, a forensic psychologist may study the behaviors and body language of prospective jurors to help a prosecutor or defense attorney choose jurors more likely to side with their agenda, or may administer psychological tests and conduct interviews to determine whether a defendant is competent to stand trial and to determine is someone is pretending to be mentally ill in order to escape charges, or they may work to determine what is truly going on within a dysfunctional family and help the court in determining if there is a risk to the physical or mental health of a child with one or both parents and providing counselling to one of the family members involved. Some psychologist work in a clinical setting to help diagnose mental illnesses and decide treatment courses. Some psychologists work only in researching various aspects of cognitive processes or behaviors and teach at a university or college. Some apply psychology to education in several ways: testing for learning disabilities or giftedness, counselling students, or helping schools design programs to improve mental health of students or prevent certain behaviors. Try googling the following questions:
what does a sports psychologist do
psychology and the media
psychology and business practices

Wikipedia is often a good starting point because it often gives aspects we don’t think of and can then research.

As for your project, I am not sure what you are to do but if it involves charting by using images, perhaps you could start by showing the main psychological theorists (such as Jung, Freud, etc) and branch out from there with the various uses of psychology. Or, start with the cliched cartoon of a person on a psychologist’s couch and go from there.

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