Clubbing In Europe on a unlimited Budget!?

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Question by : Clubbing In Europe on a unlimited Budget!?
I Will be spending a few weeks In Europe Later this year with a few friends. We have about 2 weeks of free time from around the 8th to the 22nd of October, Unfortunately Missing out on Oktoberfest, and its to late to go to Ibiza. So we are wondering where Is one of the better places to Go Clubbing. Money is Not a problem, and We are all into the Techno,Electronic Style of clubbing more than anything. We have worked it down to a few Options those Being Prague, Berlin, or London. Of Course like all males our age (early 20’s) we are looking for Good clubs, Good food, and an abundance of women!! 🙂

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Answer by Cheesesof Nazerath
If your budget really is unlimited then does it matter where you go?

Really though the best places are the UK, Holland, Germany, etc, but why limit yourself to one country? if you have 2 weeks then travel around, Europe is easy by plane and hey money’s no problem.

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Unlimited Energy????????????????

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Question by : Unlimited Energy????????????????
I was doing some light reading of world energy use, apparently Human Civilisation uses about 17 “Terawatts” of energy per year and this is set to increase drastically over the next few decades.

If we take into the account all the Solar, Wind, Ocean, Hydro and Geothermal energy that exists in and around the planet earth it is many thousands of Terawatts more that what we use to power civilisation and will be available for the best part of 1,000,000,000 years into the future.

The big question is, will it ever be possible to create technology that will harness a fraction of this energy giving us complete energy abundance?.

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Answer by respos
Yes it is possible 30 years ago some good progressive people tried to increase solar power usage trend but unfortunately very bad bad oil industry and coal industry barons owners tried to kill it but look nowadays millions of home begin to install solar panels on their roofs. 60 years ago TV was like todays shiny solar panels rarity rarity but now almost every rooms have tv. So in 40 years every roofs will have solar panels.

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