valentine’s day quotes?

Question by curious21: valentine’s day quotes?
so i am baking cookies for my boyfriend for valentines day and i am sending him a container of hersheys hugs and hersheys kisses with almonds what are some cute quote that i can put on the inside lids of the containers one has the cookies and the other has the hersheys hugs and kisses with almonds any suggestions????????
i was thinking something like these cookies will never be as sweet as you

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Answer by soccer_spaz68
i love you ????

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6 Social Media Valentines for the One You ‘Like’



It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and maybe you’re already seeing red: Facebook invites to Valentine’s bashes, Instagram uploads of the perfect concert tickets (aka the “best gift ever”), couples changing their profile pictures to oh-so-cute selfies with each other and so on.

Cupid is coming to a News Feed near you, and you’re going to have to decide how to act. Sure, you could stick with the basics — flowers, chocolate and the like — but if you want to really impress that special someone, you’re going to have to kick it up a notch. And all you have to do is sign in to your social media accounts

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What are some good romantic/comedy movies for valentines day that anybody could watch?

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Question by Woody the Woodpecker: What are some good romantic/comedy movies for valentines day that anybody could watch?
I plan on watchng a romantic/comedy with a friend of mine but her mom is picky on what she watches (no sex scenes and no or hardly any bad language). We want to watch something more on the comedy side but something that has to do with love. What should we watch?

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Answer by butchpaco
Lassie Come Home.

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