Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ video is an LA dance party



If Justin Timberlake’s new single were a PSA, the message would be to just keep dancing. 

Since the start of Timberlake’s career, music videos have become vehicles for storytelling and evolved into full-length films, but for “Can’t Stop the Feeling” lets the music talk so all you have to do is dance.

Timberlake and 14 others – normal people, just like us! – jam to the song around Los Angeles, from solo performances in laundromats and outside fast food joints to loosely choreographed steps under a highway overpass.  Read more…

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Tron Light Cycle rollercoaster video looks like a scene from the movie



Last year, we told you about the amazing new Tron-inspired rollercoaster planned for the Shanghai Disney Resort. But back then we only had concept drawings. Now the Lightcycle Power Run rollercoaster is finished and has started taking passengers, and the ride lives up to last year’s hype. 

In a video posted on Sunday, a rider gives us a first-person point of view as the Tron rollercoaster whizzes through a maze of futuristic twists and turns. This might be as close as you’ll get (for now) to riding a real Tron light cycle in a similarly Tron-esque environment. 

Is it worth taking a trip all the way to China? Watch the video (above) and judge for yourself.  Read more…

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Apple’s new ads highlight 4K video, Touch ID and humor



Apple is continuing its trend of celebrity and humor driven ads with its latest spots for the iPhone 6S.

In the first ad, “Onions,” Apple highlights the 4K video prowess of the iPhone 6S. The spot, which shows the journey a young girl takes from shooting 4K footage of sliced onions to award-winning film success, features a cameo from Neil Patrick Harris.

Meanwhile, in “Fingerprint,” the focus is on the power of Touch ID. The spot – which takes the same self-aware style of other iPhone 6S ads – focuses on all the ways users use Touch ID each day Read more…

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An Inspirational Quote from Gryphon (Tobuscus Instagram Video)

Next Instagram – http://bit.ly/1arBaRn Prev Instagram – http://bit.ly/10NOHfN Hey Audience! I’ve been posting mini-skits to my Instagram and wanted to share …

How do I use recording video of myself to build my self confidence?

Question by Craige: How do I use recording video of myself to build my self confidence?
I’m someone who want to be more articulate both in speaking in front of audiences and on camera. I am reading Speak To Win by Brian Tracy, but for on camera I need a book or exercises to do to aid in that regard.

I am aware I should speak of what I know but would also like any specific exercises to make video making a habit.

Any books or exercises that I can do?


Best answer:

Answer by blueiis
Find a Toastmasters meeting near you. You will learn to speak in front of others. There is nothing like the real thing to help your confidence rather than at home by yourself.

They are a group of people of all ages. They will critique your speech and you will critique theirs. It’s a great experience and I think you’ll learn a lot!


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The 8 Most Common Video Game Characters



In case you haven’t been paying attention, heads up: Video games are improving. Their visual quality, physics engines and plots have advanced to a point that was unimaginable even just a few years ago. But their characters — well, some of them could use some ironing out.

We created this illustrated guide to the characters we seem to meet time after time, game after game. We love them, hate them and have witnessed them die disturbingly often. We control their fates like we control their movements: recklessly and selfishly. Trust us, we know them when we see them.

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This Video Will Hurt Your Ears and Brain



Warning: This video isn’t kidding about its title. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and press play.

Famed debunker and history buff CGP Grey took to his YouTube channel to explain an overlooked (and annoying) facet of our collective brains. Don’t worry; it gets less difficult to watch very abruptly after the 30-second mark.

The placebo effect can easily trick our minds, but this video takes it a layer deeper: It’s known as nocebo, something harmless that causes harm because you believe it’s harmful. Take a look and reflect on how often your brain dupes you. Read more…

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