Patti Smith to Ethan Hawke: You ‘have the worst f*cking job in the world’



Leave it to Patti Smith to tell you that you “have the worst fucking job in the world” in the most charming way possible.

Smith sat down for an interview with Ethan Hawke as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, and she gave it to him straight in their conversation that covered music, film, success and her favorite TV show, Law & Order.

Smith was referring to the grueling schedule of an actor — 16-hour-days, shooting the same scene over and over, hours in the makeup chair. It’s not really her thing. She tried it out when she was younger, most notably writing and performing in Cowboy Mouth with ex-boyfriend Sam Shepherd as a “swan song’ to their affair, but the reception bored her. “I have that John Barrymore desire to interrupt everything,” Smith joked.  Read more…

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National Weather Service Warning System Hobbled by Outage at Worst Possible Time



As severe thunderstorms, some spawning damaging tornadoes, erupted across the country from Denver, Colorado, to Albany, New York, a widespread data outage hit the National Weather Service (NWS) on Thursday. Radar data stopped flowing to mobile apps and NWS websites for at least a half an hour, and at least some NWS offices lost the ability to disseminate severe weather warnings through any means other than social media.

In a post on its Facebook page at about 4:45 p.m. ET, the National Weather Service forecast office in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, which covers the Philadelphia metro area, stated: “Our products are NOT being sent out at this time due to technical issue. All warnings will be sent via social media.” Read more…

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