An Australian man is 100 days into a challenge to eat only potatoes for a year



There are plenty of odd, complex diets out there, but this one is simple to explain.

An Australian man has set out to eat nothing but potatoes for one year, as part of a challenge to lose weight and to break a comfort eating habit.

Andrew Taylor, 36, from Melbourne has been on his difficult-sounding journey since New Year’s Day, recently pushing past the 100 day mark.


Spuds, spuds, and more spuds is what’s for dinner.

He has lost 32.1 kilograms (70.5 pounds) in the time that he has been on the diet plan, trimming down from his original weight 151.7 kilograms (332 pounds) on day one, to 119.6 kilograms (255 pounds) on day 100. Read more…

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South Korea’s Top Messaging App Expects $200 Million in Revenue This Year



In South Korea, there’s no escaping KakaoTalk. The country has a smartphone penetration rate of 73%, according to research firm EMarketer, and of those people, 93% use the mobile messaging app Kakao, Nielsen said.

Kakao expects its app will generate about $ 200 million in revenue this year, according to the company’s forecasts. That’s compared with $ 42 million last year, with a profit of $ 6.5 million.

But with little room left to grow in its home country, Kakao is looking elsewhere. That’s harder than it seems. Nearby Asian countries have already picked their favorite messaging appsLine is wildly popular in Japan, and Tencent’s WeChat dominates China with more than 230 million users. Read more…

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Whats your opinion about a 21year old falling in love with a 14 year old that is extreamely mature?

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Question by Heather D: Whats your opinion about a 21year old falling in love with a 14 year old that is extreamely mature?
So me and some people were having a conversation … is it wrong for a 21 year old falling love with a 14 year old..what about a 28 year old in love with a 18th year old these people are both mature.

Best answer:

Answer by Ooompa Loompa
21 and 14 is weird. It doesn’t matter how mature the 14 year old is. 14= child. 21=adult. That’s illegal. 18 and 28 is fine because 18 and 28 are both adults.

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