The Mystery

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The Mystery
manifest anything
Image by -Reji
The real beloved is that one who is unique,
who is your beginning and your end.
When you find that one,
you’ll no longer expect anything else:
that is both the manifest and the mystery.
That one is the lord of states of feeling,
dependent on none;
month and year are slaves to that moon.

Every Soul Connection Creates Something Lasting
manifest anything
Image by Viewminder
Shooting like this gives me a lot of opportunity to talk to strangers.

There’s something about the camera that makes it alright.

Maybe it’s a focal point that needs no explanation.

It becomes a reason that just is.

I learn so much from these encounters.

I see so many facets of humanity.

The experiences are so often prolific and enriching.

Some people say that our thoughts create the reality that surrounds us…

they postulate that ‘our thoughts become our reality.’

More and more as I shoot the streets I begin to agree.

We are the creators of the reality in which we find ourselves immersed.

If our consciousness embraces the beautiful dynamic of life…

I’m telling you from my own experience…

life becomes beautiful.

Another experience proved this to me without a single doubt.

I was getting ready to leave on a long trip a number of years ago.

You know how you kinda do that ‘last check’ of the house to see if you’ve missed anything?

I smelled a burning odor…

and I realized that I might have left the iron on.

I couldn’t believe I’d be that shortsighted.

I don’t know why I did such a stupid thing but I reached out to the iron with my hand…

to see if it was hot…

I barely touched it but it stuck to my hand.

When I pulled my hand back in the recoil of pain…

the hot iron was pulled back with it and it made contact with my entire palm.

I could hear my skin sizzle… I could feel my skin cells popping like little steam explosions.

It was the exact same sound bacon makes when you cook it up.

It was hard to pull the iron off of my flesh… it really was stuck to it.

It was the worst, most painful burn I’ve ever endured.

It was bad.

I probably should have gone to the emergency room.

But I had to be on an airplane in an hour.

Immediately I sat down in the lotus position and held my burned hand in front of me.

I imagined my hand bathed in the most beautiful and radiant healing light.

With all of the intensity that I had within me I focused on the painful burn.

The only thought in my head, repeated over and over…

Was ‘there will be no tissue damage… there will be no tissue damage…’

I thought that thought with a greater clarity, energy and focus than any thought I’ve ever thunk.

After about five minutes of this I opened my eyes.

There was no pain.

No pain at all.

There was an imprint of the iron across my entire palm.

The word ‘Oster’ was spelled backwards in the burn.

I jumped on that airplane a few minutes later and I flew far away… people would look at the burn and they were amazed…

you could see exactly what I did just by the print on my hand.

It looked incredible.

The amazing thing…

It never hurt again.

There was no blistering.

Not a single effect from the burn short of the dead skin’s imprint.

None of the living tissue of my hand showed any sign of injury.

If I hadn’t expereinced this myself I would never have believed it.

This moment impresed me so deeply and profoundly.

I believe that our thoughts create the reality around us to a great extent.

A red hot steam iron and a moment of stupidity proved that to me.

One Love

Faces on the street
Chicago 7.23.11
35mm 1.8 cropped square expo and contrast burned up

manifest anything
Image by amanda luna
neon watercolors and pencil on paper, i’m sort of obsessed with doing this sort of thing all of a sudden.


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