The power of positive thinking?

Question by Lala: The power of positive thinking?
For anyone who is familiar with Louise Hay (Hay House Publishing) and her book “You can Heal your Life,” what do you guys think about the mind’s power to heal physical illness? Can just the simple act of thinking positive and truly believing in positive mantras manifest itself physically, and what effect does this idea have on our ideas about the psychological phenomenon known as “Placebo effect”?
Trevor V: Clinical Psychiatry is a medical profession.
Scheier and Carver (2 psychiatrists) wrote a report published by the American Psychological Association in the journal “Current Directions in Psychological Science” 1993 Feb Vol 2(1) 26-30
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Answer by Trevor V
ever notice that REAL doctors dont ever publish reports on this nonsense?!?! the mind is powerful, and self hypnosis has been shown to beneficial in the medical field, but that is completely difference from this mumbo jumbo. people are gullible.

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  1. waitin4someday says:

    i totally believe the power of positive thinking can heal physical illness. isnt that what yoga and meditation is all about

  2. Jimmy C says:

    Yes, positive thinking works. That is exactly what the placebo effect is about. When a doctor gives you pills, even placebos, they are effective 33% of the time. The reason for this is that the mind affects the body. What you think is how you are. Think positive, healthy thoughts an you will be healthy.
    This is because every thought you have, positive or negative, causes the brain to produce neurochemicals that send messages to parts of the body.

  3. Mad Mac says:

    Purely from a non-professional viewpoint, Positive thinking about life leads to happiness. Happy people are healthy people. Happy eople get well faster than sad people, Very unhappy people (depressed) often commit suicide. The old book written by a preacher in the 50’s was “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. It was a national best seller and spawned an organization that publishes the current national magazine “Positive Thinking” It is full of examples of positive healing.

    Edit: Second sentence on positive thinking about life added at 8:30 AM Friday. MM

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