The Secret

The Secret IT HAS BEEN PASSED THROUGHOUT THE AGES, TRAVELLING THROUGH CENTURIES… TO REACH YOU. This is the secret to everything — joy, health, money, relationships, love, happiness… everything…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Rudy Goodwin says:

    Great Content get something out of it! You are watching it for a reason,
    DONT sell yourself short!

  2. TheLovemoonHealth says:

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    wonderful comments I see posted. The world will slowly change because
    people start to see they have to change themselves into more positive
    thinking and feeling. Of course when one learns more and goes deeper into
    this awareness life becomes so rich, you will feel great and see light in
    your heart. There are more videos on my channel, please watch them, If one
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    grow more,,,warm regards Leo

  3. TheLovemoonHealth says:

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    aware that gratitude and positive thoughts makes not only your life more
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  4. tygersflowerz says:

    I disagree with some things in this movie. This suggests that your dreams
    will unfold in a logical sequence. Not true. I agree with what they say
    about “feeding” a dream every day. But some days, you’re simply not going
    to be guided to do much. As long as you’re acting on your highest joy
    everyday and what feels best, you’re on the right track. Let’s say you
    want to meet the perfect man/woman, but this weekend, you just didn’t want
    to go out. It just FELT BETTER to stay home. So that’s what you did.
    Your friends chastised you, and said, “You’ll never meet someone at
    home”…. but you blow them off and trust your feelings. And let’s say you
    see dancers on a talent show. You’re reminded happily how you love to
    dance. So you decide to sign up for a dance class. (Something you would
    NOT have been guided to if you had gone out that weekend, and missed that
    program.) Let’s say after your first dance class, you stop off and get a
    coffee (because again, it just FELT good to do so), and BAM – there in
    line, you meet your future spouse!! That’s how things work sometimes.
    Never force action and try to be logical all the time. Do what feels best
    in any given moment and you’ll be on track. Some days all the “action”
    you’ll be guided to take is to milk your desire vibrationally. Other days,
    you’ll be guided to hustle physically. Honor both. “If you have acted on
    your highest excitement all day, you have done all you need to do for
    today.” – Darryl Anka (a.k.a. Bashar)
    And another thing I disagree with – when they suggest you seek out as much
    evidence of manifestation as you can find it and celebrate it. Nope. Mike
    Dooley (from “The Secret”) said this, and I never forgot it – “The physical
    world is the LAST place you should ever look to for evidence that
    your desires are manifesting.” Because sometimes opportunities will be
    disguised as “setbacks” etc. And only in retrospect much later, will you
    be able to see, “Oh, I would never have met that person or run across that
    opportunity if that negative thing hadn’t happened.” Look up Mike Dooley’s
    interview with Lilou Mace. He speaks about that.
    The Law of Attraction involves quite a lot of paradox and letting go, while
    being passionate. I think Darryl Anka/Bashar has some of the best
    explanations on paradox.

  5. DEREKinNYC says:

    Great message, really DULL presentation.

  6. Flora Chordker says:
  7. Nick Merrick says:

    hahahahahah this is so sketchy 

  8. Jules Santana says:

    First of all, this goes out to people who are practicing this and seeing
    the results: lost the weight, made the money, made the friends, presented a
    new idea to the world! (So, then, what’s wrong? Why still gloomy?)
    Attracted happiness, etc? Here’s the deal! If your not happy, something is
    still missing, now you feel worser than before, hopeless, empty then you
    have missed the whole point (Well, not your fault! The Film was focused on
    what you wanted however and it helped) The problem? Well, there are 2
    worlds: Just 2! Psychology, emotions, feels, etc. are effects of its cause.
    So, first, its the material world; Benz, Bugghatti, Prestigue, Income,
    Friends, Home, SHoes, Ice cream, bike, etc. (Suppose you had a loved one,
    whom dies. What happens, then? You loose love or replace it or dwindle
    because nothing to live for?) 2nd, its the spiritual world; happiness,
    love, justice, rightouseness, goodness, bliss, peace of mind, etc. (Btw,
    the world has done really good taking this from you by replacing it via
    trust in your churchs, governments, philosophers, authority, etc) So, its
    your spiritual need you must first fill up, understand, prior to your
    accomplishments! Oherwize, that momentary happiness -you might replace with
    drugs, alcohol, sex, etc will flee from you and or you will end up worser
    than before when you start belieing that none of these things (home,
    clothes, etc) are worth living or striving for (And, in part…You are
    wiright! They are not!) Thus, I say to you! IN your faith on Infinite
    Intelligence, universal conciousness which unites both you and I, may you
    forever draw closer to it, day in day out, while you accomplish the things
    of the heart -yours which make you experience joy, living not for yourself
    or flesh (which brings missery-you will die and wont take none of this
    stuff with you), however living for the univere, dedicating all your works
    to it, working for it, and thanking it for all the blessings it has allowed
    you to experience. For, day in day ot, your spiritual need, is satsified
    through your getting closer to infinite intelligence. And, your material
    wants, desires, etc. are met through its blessings. You, thus, an agent of
    God THE MIND (For the initiated) be blessed spiritually and materially for
    placing it first! “Study the mind, comprehend it, be its friend” (Hermetica

  9. Barbara Gold says:

    Having trouble manifesting goals? I did. Turbo charge THE SECRET with the
    KiSS Releasing System. Created by a Master and physicist, Lester Levenson.
    Scientific goal manifestation. Missing piece of the creation puzzle.
    Guaranteed to work. Over 1/2 of The Secret teachers use this. Curious?
    Removes the blocks to having the life you dream about. It really works! You
    need to release the negative feelings in the way of your goal for it to
    manifest. You cannot WANT and HAVE at the same time. Let go of wanting and
    HAVE. LesterandMe. com KISSReleasingSystem. com

  10. LawOfCreation says:

    What people forget is that nothing can exist without the existance of the
    opposite, if the law of attraction was as easy as being presented, the
    world would be filled with millionairs,see my videos if you really want to
    know how things get manifested, the missing link to the power of creation.
    Every celebrity knows that you have to face the opposite emotions as

  11. Dallas Whitcomb says:

    A comma in the description would help

  12. Endeavor4ever777 says:

    The Law of Attraction works. I was such a pessimist and once I changed my
    way of thinking things around me are changing in resounding ways. I use
    meditation and daily affirmations (I do them constantly!) which is one of
    our most important tools for the Law. The greatest aspect of all is how
    small changes for the better are amplified once we slow down our minds and
    actually start noticing them. It really gives you an incredibly grateful
    feeling that you feel in your spirit. Once you take notice of these things
    you realize how amazing it is that we have the power to change and it has
    nothing whatsoever to do with circumstance and chance. Be sure to give
    thanks to the Universe! My tale is just beginning. So excited for the
    future! It will be amazing!

    Much love to everyone!

  13. So do the children in Africa choose to starve? Does a person just not want
    to cure their cancer and stay with their family enough, so they just wither
    away slowly and die? Does a child suddenly think that having a parasite
    burrow into its eye leaving it blind and in agony actually want this?
    This Law of Attraction is such utter bullshit and woo woo thinking it’s
    embarrassing. where do these dumbasses hide their credibility? where is
    their burden of proof?

  14. Blazhe Spireski says:

    What if someone puts in his subconscious mind “to be happy”? Can someone
    answer me this one please?

  15. Mark Evangelista says:

    If you are Christian and believe this, read the bible again.
    We are not from this world, just as He was not, why then are you searching
    to find ultimate happiness in this world? 

  16. Thomas Lamb says:

    Can this explain Donald Trump? Millions doesn’t seem enough for that guy.
    I’ve seen happier Africans in poverty with beaming smiles. I don’t get it.
    There’s something bigger I can’t see right now.

  17. Raymond Diep says:

    the book the secret really changed my life.

  18. MissCelesteLouise Brocksom says:

    #go #beyond #break #free 

  19. satya narayana says:

    Awesome Video! thanks for sharing

    I was almost poor and in debts and my family was pissed off with my
    failures in life!
    Somehow, i got to know about Secret, Law of Attraction and after that there
    is no looking back!

    I am now roughly earning 175$/day and it is unbelievable now!

    I used “LOA” mobile app by lokesh to manifest my desires as it motivated me
    to keep doing this!

  20. yessica covarrubias says:

    I have a question i been doing all what supost to am positive and left all
    negative out of my life but am not seen resolves yet what else do i need to
    get to the point that i have everything i want and positive always there 

  21. Liberty Madison says:

    Great way to start 2014!

  22. Sam Schutte says:

    Some truth. mostly this is all bullshit

  23. Nikia Garry says:

    I read the book Secret and I live by kt for the modt part but I do fine
    myself in the mine fram of being stuck this video has help to see I do have
    to take more action that its more than a thought I need to work to become
    that person I dream about 

  24. leaddeadhead says:

    Go to TruthContest~Com & open “The Present” on the homepage.
    What it says will transform us and our world, *starting with YOU.*

  25. ibrahim idris Mohammed says:

    That is really cool

  26. Brenda Yaeso says:

    I truly believe LOA….
    Thanks for uploading……

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