three-in-one book of Katherine Stone novels

A few nice romance novel images I found:

three-in-one book of Katherine Stone novels
romance novel
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I am currently trying to work my way through this book. I like romantic novels, so I am enjoying it!

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Day 53 – Lover Unbound
romance novel
Image by trpnblies7
Nothing like reading a vampire romance novel on the train. She really seems to be into it, too.

Mike’s Valentine 2009 – 48/365
romance novel
Image by Carol Browne
I collaged this Valentine for the little man and tore a blue covered romance novel to bits in the name of art.

I did come across a piece of a page that had the sentence, "…the towel slid…" and I have to be honest, I tried to find the rest of the page to find out what was going to happen next. Either someone was going to engage in some smooching all wet and naked-like OR someone opened up a linen closet and a towel fell out. I gave up after only a few minutes. I’m pretty sure my search for naughty parts would have been a bust – if the blue cover rule is true. As explained by the Harlequin Romance people – the bluer the cover, the less racy the lusty parts. As "White Fire" had a completely blue cover, I didn’t try hard to find the rest of the story.


  1. interchangeableparts says:

    What a fantastic valentine! You’re so clever and creative!

    (And yeah, "the towel slid" is probably the entirety of the racy bits in that book. And probably was about a linen closet. :D)


  2. sevenworlds16 says:

    This is such an awesome idea and your description cracks me up. I never knew the blue rule either!

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