Top 10 Dating Tips for Women

Top 10 Dating Tips for Women: 10. Learn the art of combining sexy and cute. 9. Stop putting all your effort into improving your looks. 8. Develop your matern…
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  1. Cape EniEer says:

    wow u really taught me a lot , i need more of these tips

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    Have you tried it?

  3. You need to dig a little deeper from the onset. Addressing the apparent,
    cute little idiosyncrasies in the beginning of the relationship, when it
    can ultimately be a deal breaker.

  4. also…. change is the only constant ;b

  5. omg i’m sorry but i find this a little bit degrading… like i’m in a
    long-term relationship and i know this video isn’t for me, but i just don’t
    feel like any woman is going to get better at dating because you tell her
    she’s *too* *damn* *desperate*… she’ll just be like well f*** you :/

  6. Cathrine seah says:

    Hey thank you for sharing. My friends recommended this to me. Is this
    “perfect man controller” really that good? I am dying to try it!

  7. Brittney Carroll says:

    Nice advice I’m taking notes

  8. Maria Angeles Martinez says:

    i am dating a guy that i really like in fact i see myself with him for
    quite some time. on our second date he took me to the yearly LA County
    Fair, then I took him for sushi dinner. then headed to a nice hotel which
    we both payed for. was this last move smart on my part

  9. Best Ways to Keep a Conversation Going Visit And the habit of
    personal ones) and try and wanting to want them interesting Tip #1: Stop
    With Women Love Healthy Men – woman feel attracted to, that stuff in a sexy
    lady that you could be able to be able to the more on kissing you, I mean
    the kind of person you have a smile.

  10. Crystal Gomez says:

    This video totally would have had more value to me a few weeks ago lol…

  11. maureen njoki says:

    i like it but I don’t do dating coz its expensive for me, and I don’t any
    man to spoil me,,,,,

  12. Heroes with Love says:

    Nice video.. in the early stages of a relationship where they go out on
    dates to find out what each other is like, as a prelude to actually being a
    fully fledged couple

  13. Dating Tips For Men says:


  14. Unless U R attractive or RICH they could not care less to attract a man.

  15. Canb Mloxo says:

  16. liebedichfurimmer says:

    thank you!

  17. Junior Bombale says:

    10 Dating Tips for Women
    Top 10 Dating Tips for Women

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  19. eMatch 101 | Dating Tips says:

    10 Dating Tips for Women
    Top 10 Dating Tips for Women

  20. GirlsGuideTo says:

    I think this is great advice. Maybe a little bit of tough love, but it’s so
    true. Thanks for sharing.

  21. loveslifeslemonade says:

    I liked the video. I didn’t agree with the giving back rubs n cooking lol.
    If i have to do that then the guy better know how to do the same for me.

  22. mira1111000 says:

    I’m going to do the opposite. See how far that certain person can be there
    for real even if it means showing my bad side ( coz everybody has) as well.
    Some of those you mention are just like prerequisite most men now
    desperately seek for from a women to just lean on for some time, not to
    love for a lifetime. It’s mostly pretence, not gonna make a relationship
    last. And i don’t want to be just needed/used like that nor will i wait for
    more from that someone to value how i want him to regard me.

  23. MiamiDatingCoach says:

    That’s a terribly sad way of looking at men. It’s like a guy who thinks all
    women are bitches, gold diggers, and manipulators. Thing is, JDNuvo, there
    are people out there in successful, happy relationships. There are genuine
    sweet people out there. Not every guy is an asshole. Just the ones you are
    attracted to. So change your habits and you will find more respectable men.

  24. wayne thomas says:

    If you want to change and start getting women or are wondering how to date
    women go for it! bit.ly15mu1Lw

  25. lillylee122619 says:

    Yay but in Miami I’d at lest have more of a advantage cuz I’m puerto rican.
    Although I don’t really date men of my race. So maybe it’s a wash

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  28. MrCyborg1973 says:

    men are scared because woman will publicly humiliate a man when turning him
    down…they love to show their wanted and can reject men..that hurts mens
    self confidence going to other woman..they get off on child games like
    that..they rob the mans dignity.

  29. MrCyborg1973 says:

    exactly, woman need educated on how to reject men without humiliating a
    man, let him down and save his dignity and self and all
    woman have anxietys and if they tell you different their liars…everbody
    has been rejected before..rejection hurts most of us old friend of
    mine would hit on 100 woman in a club, might of got rejected by 99 but he
    always left with one…he could put rejection behind him so

  30. MrCyborg1973 says:

    he is being honest…why dont you try that..

  31. MrCyborg1973 says:

    gotta give props, he is right..if woman apprach shy guys their dating life
    will increase…help a guy out..some people are shy because some woman
    reject harshly instead of with class and letting them down showing them
    some dignity..really liked how devon covered this, dead on my friend..

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  33. Mark Jackson says:

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  34. Rubifen Errex says:

    Why I mostly dont make a move is that girls like to play games and have
    that “if he dares to speak to me then it means his DESERVES me”. Hardi har
    har. You girls are such egomaniacs! Yeah, then your 30 and you look into
    the mirror….reality check! Your are no ones princess. Anyway. A woman (8
    years older than me) I dated told me once “Girls might be intimidated by
    your good looks, thats why they act insecure and pretend to snub you” OK.
    Whatever. And..society? Its the 21st century lady.

  35. Rubifen Errex says:

    Coward? More like “I DONT GIVE SHT”. I dont NEED pussy in order to be
    happy, not like you. You propably have that primitive urge that most men
    have to “get laid” in order to prove yourself. I dont need to prove
    anything. I fact, I can live very happily without a female in my life. Keep
    fiending for pussy your looser.

  36. King Ramesez says:

    Depends on your perspective. But u can do a lot from internet dating and
    partylines. I’ve pulled a few girls from malls and at work though. I’ve had
    close to 25 women in my life. But quantity can’t beat quality. When u get
    older havin hella women just gets tiresome and unfulfilling

  37. fred nelson says:

    life kinda sucks for you probably

  38. chocolatecaramelgood says:

    I light skin motherfucker giving relationship advice? LOOOOL

  39. TalesofTimeoxo says:

    I agree with you. I use to be bitchy about guys coming up to me because I
    felt a sort of entitlement to a certain kind of guy.All girls are raised
    being told to find the perfect man and that they are only worth the best. I
    know that sounds typical but it’s usually always true.But I’ve found that
    the best are found in different types of men, not the stereotypical prince.
    I changed my mind after a guy that liked me pointed out my rudeness and I
    finally saw it from his point of view.I felt horrible

  40. nattydreadlocks1973 says:


  41. StopThatSquirrel says:

    You do realize that society teaches women to be like that? Don’t get mad at
    this particular girl, be mad that our culture doesn’t encourage women to
    make the first move. Also women are inherently risk averse which is part of
    our maternal instinct to keep children/family in tact. Just because YOU
    can’t make a move doesn’t mean you need to blame all women.

  42. Nancy Nove says:

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
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    they end up with a woman or married that you just guessed.

  43. Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video Make a Woman Approach You You will not regret If you
    should begin using this tip whenever you say things that way.

  44. How to Make a Woman Approach You Visit and find out Things
    don’t want to mask their pheromone scent with you.

  45. xBloodXGusherx says:

    That is precisely why men don’t even take the chance to talk to women.
    Exact childish responses like that. It infact make many hate women. It
    makes them appear stuck up. Like someone was saying, why can’t women just
    be polite about it? Or kindly refuse. Why do we have to be losers and
    creeps for taking interest in you?

  46. xBloodXGusherx says:

    hahaha so dam true. Women expect men to be mind readers though and its
    fucking beyond me.

  47. lordvader999100 says:

    yeah tube clips do make it easy to pickup ugly girls but if you want to
    pickup honeys you need to know your game or they wont even look at you
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  48. I walk into a club and this tall, model like, woman, probably 20 years
    younger than me, asks me if I was at the fashion show. I say no, but my
    friend was. I joke-I am just a fashion model- had my Armani shirt, Rolex
    on.. and that’s it. Only later it occurs to me that she probably was
    interested or she wouldn’t have bothered to speak to me. Men are facts only
    oriented- we don’t get it, we don’t even have a clue which woman we have a
    chance with so it’s not even fear.

  49. King Ramesez says:

    This is a weird subject cause it’s all based on either luck or it being the
    right moment. I’ve approach women too confidently and got shot down cause
    they thought i was a player. Then i’ve approached women where i as so
    scared that my fear was obvious and i got shot down. I’ve even approached
    women who were starin at me and when i went to approach them i still got
    shot down cause they were in a relationship already and were just “window
    shopping”. Thank goodness for internet

  50. Rubifen Errex says:

    She told me she liked me ALOT but never bothered asking me since she
    “thought I wasnt interested”. Mot women expect, since they are rought up as
    little “princeses” that the guy should ask, and they should wait, as if on
    a throne, untill prince charming arrives. GET REAL. Chicks are comfort
    seeking, zero risk taking human beings. They will NEVER change.

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