Unlimited Abundance Guided Meditation Healing Session

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  1. Mihaita Sprinceana says:

    thank you

  2. Stacy Klair-Symone says:

    Awesome! Thank you. 

  3. Captain Frith says:


  4. shood1943 says:

    Will let you know how this works out.

  5. Danny G. Picard says:

    thank you =)

  6. Lisa A. Romano says:

    Truly enjoyed this meditation.. Namaste…

  7. Liam Berry says:

    GodBless you!

  8. Lorraine Wilkinson says:

    Amazing – thank you for sharing.

  9. ThatsWhyIwouldGo says:

    AMAZING! 🙂

  10. Rosa Yazmin Ayala says:

    This meditation is one of my favorite of all time. I truly loved it. Thanks
    for posting it. Abundance has already been granted to me. I can’t see it.
    But I know it. Embrace the day! Namaste. 🙂

  11. Candy Arizmendi says:

    me encanto esta meditacion. 😀

  12. Spiritizer Roopi says:

    After trying out dozens of guided meditations on abundance, I rate this #1
    and highly recommend this for all those who really love to change their
    lives. Thanks Victor Da Ponte!

  13. Bella Gia says:

    Highly recommended me too I tried many meditation clip this one bring you
    in a very deep one amazing thanks you

  14. Ethan Schur says:

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this meditation. Though I felt the
    countdown in the end was really really rushed…

  15. Victor Da Ponte says:

    in love and light, thank you. 🙂

  16. okatie11 says:

    wow! wow! wow! what a truly loving abundant offering you have given here.
    this was such a gift for me, and i bow with deep gratitude – my heart to
    yours. Namaste

  17. Francine Brevetti says:

    so powerful, thank you

  18. Wes Ley says:

    Love the guidance in the beginning. Later on it with the abundance, the
    guidance became to difficult for me, thank you for sharing anyway :-).

  19. dgreatcentralsunkid says:

    🙂 Beautiful.. Thank you.. Namaste 🙂

  20. Victor Da Ponte says:

    come back and listen as needed. Best!

  21. joanne madalena says:


  22. Stacy Frazier says:


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