valentine’s day quotes?

Question by curious21: valentine’s day quotes?
so i am baking cookies for my boyfriend for valentines day and i am sending him a container of hersheys hugs and hersheys kisses with almonds what are some cute quote that i can put on the inside lids of the containers one has the cookies and the other has the hersheys hugs and kisses with almonds any suggestions????????
i was thinking something like these cookies will never be as sweet as you

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Answer by soccer_spaz68
i love you ????

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  1. davetherave says:

    Roses iz red, Violets wots blue, Ready for lego+er, How about you! So quaint and sofishdacaterd eh!

  2. ღ♥ Living It ♥ღ says:
  3. Tuesday says:

    Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile.

  4. swapnil says:

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