Wayne Dyer How To Get What You Really, Really Want

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  1. 0:51:24 THIS HAIRCUT^^

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    Bless you, Wayne. Thank you. 

  4. Vivekananda Baindoor Rao says:

    *Wayne Dyer – How To Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want*

    I have been watching this amazing YouTube video and the following are the
    notes I made.

    The numbers are time stamps and if you hover your mouse over them the
    numbers turn blue and are links into the video to play from that point.
    Hope you can click on them, play the video and use this as a reference

    03:48 You need to willingly suspend your disbelief even to enjoy a movie.
    04:31 Nicholas Cage can change faces with another man – but you need to
    suspend disbelief to enjoy the movie.
    06:28 There is something in each one of us and in the Universe and believe
    that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
    08:32 Once you label me you negate me.
    10:27 You can manage the coincidences in your life.
    11:11 As you think, so you shall be.
    13:04 Life is weightless. It is not in the dimension of material.
    14:48 We become what we think about.
    17:28 Your life is like a boat. What is the Wake? What’s driving the boat?
    Is it possible for the wake to drive the boat?
    20:50 Don’t use your past as an excuse.
    22:49 I was sent to my father’s grave by God – because I was filled with
    hatred because he had left the family.
    24:28 You are never killed by snake bite you are killed by the venom.
    25:53 Nature tells you to close up your wound.
    26:26 What’s the difference between Saints and others.
    27:14 Orange metaphor. When someone squeezes you; what would come out?
    Anger, hatred? That is because that is what is inside you.
    29:01 Lots of people blame someone else.
    30:05 Story of four philanthropists.
    34:34 Rewriting our agreement with reality.
    35:53 There is difference between what you believe and what you know.
    Knowing about divine presence and knowing God.
    37:40 Poetry – Cookie Thief.
    40:11 The keys example – the fine line between being a Guru and a jerk.
    42:00 The Kahoona example.
    44:11 The ability to heal yourself is within yourself.
    46:06 Each of us has two parts within us. First is the EGO – Earth Guide
    Only. The second is is the Sacred Self.
    48:12 Practice Being Kind Rather Than Right.
    49:35 The sacred self begs you to be at peace with yourself.
    51:01 Everyone of us is in relationship. When you have a choice choose to
    be kind.
    53:00 In any relationship in which two people agree on everything, one of
    them is unnecessary!
    54:00 There is a rumor that you have written a book!
    56:50 Everybody who comes into your life has something to teach you.
    57:10 We all start out as an Athlete, second stage is of a warrior, third
    stage is statesman/stateswoman, fourth stage is stage of the spirit.
    59:40 Formula to attract what you really really really really want. First
    one is ‘I wish’, second is ‘I desire’ – ask and you shall receive, third is
    ‘what I intend’ – but keep it to yourself, fourth is Passion. When you have
    all four – you get it.
    1:05:00 You can not attract thin from “I hate being fat”. I hate being
    poor – makes you poor and it gets worse.
    1:06:12 Every time your thoughts are on what is, you need to shift it to
    what you want.
    1:08:01 Jackson Brown’s poem – Do the steps that you are shown by everyone
    you have ever known and the dance just becomes your very own. In the end
    there is one dance you will do all alone.
    1:11:18 Addictions have been described as never getting enough of what you
    don’t want or what you despise.
    1:13:13 John Newton’s Story – Instant Awakening. When the students are
    ready the teacher appears.
    1:14:14 Prayer is you talking to God. Intuition is God talking to you.
    1:17:21 Skye Dyer his daughter singing ‘Amazing Grace’


  5. Dawn Morningstar says:

    I am really tring to understand this all and get to that place. I was
    wondering what anyones thoughts are on the return of Christ, is a
    consciousness awakening or a event that is to come. 

  6. Gerardo Diaz de Leon says:

    I went from listening to Lil Wayne too Dr. Wayne everyday

  7. Federico Gaston Rances says:

    is just fantastic words to help!!!!!!!!!

  8. eveFlower101 says:

    Thank you for sharing, this was wonderful :)

  9. Valerie Milam says:

    Russian scientist placed atomic scales under the bed of dying
    patients…and discovered 4 ounces..were lost on the exact point of
    death…jesus christ is god …please go to holy spirit blessings by
    valerie milam on youtube …YOU WILL BE GREATLY BLESSED……

  10. Chris Leyland says:

    That sweater has to be a Christmas present

  11. Karen Booream says:

    Old video of Dr. Dyer that has some great thoughts in it!

  12. Roland Hawken says:

    The title is a lie ,you can not get what you want ,the greatest part of
    people is the fact they don’t know what they want, they only desire and
    that’s not the same thing.
    This is like religion it’s a con.

  13. theresa hall says:

    Thanks for sharing. 

  14. Angela Kersey says:

    i am overwhelmed by the possibilities for my life that can be unleashed by
    the changing of my thoughts and always returning my thoughts to my God and
    the plans he has for me!! I’m so thankful and can’t wait to see where I’m
    heading next!

  15. Evaristo Blazquez says:

    Enjoyable & encouraging whilst you are listening to it BUT then virtually
    NO ONE applies it because its all easier said than done ! Its all
    intellectual theory reasoning that CANT be put into practice ! The human
    mind and spirit is selfish & negative by nature !! And thats why we live in
    a totally negative, evil world ! If this advice was attainable we would
    live in a world utopia BUT WE DON’T ! 

  16. Belinda Hicks says:

    I truly believe this!!

  17. Nina Rocket says:

    I want too know how to make it a reality.. to stay positive create your own

  18. It’s been proven that moments after death the body actually weights 21
    grams less. This is the weight of the soul. 

  19. CarrollsKitchen says:

    Thanks for the information! I need to teach some of this information to my
    youtube viewers! 

  20. Nero AntiBiotic says:

    How to get what you want:
    Work for it
    Steal it

    Boom. I just saved you almost 90 minutes.

  21. Marlo Dell Antonio says:

    God, I love the internet. 

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    thanks for sharing excellent thanks

  23. Katrice Roy says:

    This was Great!!!

  24. Skybird Utah says:

    As you think so shall you be and so shall you have.

  25. Skybird Utah says:

    Best talk ever !

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