What are some good author s who sell their books for free on Kindle fire HD?

Question by unknown: What are some good author s who sell their books for free on Kindle fire HD?
Like I am into paranormal romance novels and werewolfs ones like The Mating by Nicky Charles. But all the other books are like 3 dollars each and I’m broke :(. So what are some good authors who sell their books for free?

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Answer by Lauryn
Books are only offered for free through KDP for a limited period of time. You’re only able to offer a book for free for 5 days every three months, so which titles are free changes all the time. When you go to Amazon you can search just the free titles.

http://www.pixelofink.com/ is a site where authors will often advertise their free books, and they have other deals too. You might find it helpful.

You also might want to join http://goodreads.com/ They are constantly running giveaways and in their forums you can find authors promoting their free days or even authors willing to give away copies in exchange for reviews.

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  1. I have the Kindle Fire HD and I check out all my dbooks free through my public library All the genres are in dark blue: http://dbooks.wplc.info/507C871C-9DFE-464F-8B6A-CE2250CF0FA9/10/50/en/Default.htm

    They add 300 books a month in just my genre including new releases. You can download the public library program from the app store on your kindle. Its free and called Overdrive. You can sign up from home now if you have your local library card. If not you have to go get one and they can explain the whole program to you. I can have a total of 10 books checked out. There are many ready now to borrow and some have waiting lists. I can have 10 books on the waiting list. They email when its my turn to read them. I can choose 7, 14 or 21 day check out. I always choose 21 because I may be reading book and have some checked out and then some come available off the wait list. There are no late fees. The file is timed so it will disappear on the due date but if you finish it early return it with your device function so anyone who wants it can get it faster. The good thing about the overdrive app is because you put the app on your kindle fire and then you can go to your ebook library anytime and check the status of your account or any new books added etc. Also if you check out kindle format books then you still have to go through your kindle account to lend it free, however, if you want you can choose epub formats and those books will save to the overdrive app which has its own reading function and you read it on your kindle from there. That is what I do, read all epub books, its just easier to me. Here is the site you can check out: http://www.overdrive.com/ I keep the overdrive app on my carousel and when I want to read I just click it. If I last was reading a book it will be on the page I bookmarked and I start reading. If I want to change books I click booklist and it takes me to my book page where I can click on the book cover I want or click on the book icon at the top which takes me to my public ebook library to check on my account and the library. Easy.

    Again your library can help you but if you have your library card you can sign up now. The pin or pswd is the last 4 of your ssn or lib card or birth year or they ask you to create one.

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