What are some good meditation techniques?

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Question by Leah: What are some good meditation techniques?
What are some good meditation techniques for handling intrusive thoughts? I struggle with anxiety brought on by intrusive thoughts I can’t control and they spiral out of control. Please help.

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Answer by O
I find that when intrusive thoughts start pop up … I just tell myself firmly “DON’T GO THERE”…!!!
the more you practice the easier it gets
as for meditation techniques well the number one method is breathing
sounds simple well like most things that appear complicated but are not… breathe in breathe out

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  1. On you tube there is a 7 minute chakra tune up…. all it takes is 7 minutes… also everyday I tell myself “my negative thoughts are weak my positive thoughts are powerful”

  2. Bob Thordarson says:

    Trying to stop your mind from thinking is like trying to stop a river from flowing with your bare hands…it’s exhausting and almost impossible to accomplish!

    When you learn how to meditate, you learn to step out of the river, and let your thoughts flow past you effortlessly. Imagine a river flowing in front of you. When you learn to do this, you will find that your river of thoughts slows down all by itself. When an intrusive thought enters your mind, try gently placing that thought back into the river. Thought enters your mind, back into the river it goes as you notice it gently drift away out of your view.

    Mediation is hard. Start easy by doing one minute of mediation a day. Set a timer for one minute, watch the river, breath in and breath out. Timer goes off. You’re done for the day. Do it again each day for thirty days.

    Take a look at the One Minute Habit resource as it covers mediation as a case study. You can download the PDF here: http://www.beakermedia.com/the-one-minute-habit.

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