What are some techniques I can use for meditation?

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Question by TheSlothKing: What are some techniques I can use for meditation?
I have ADHD, so focus isn’t my best feature. But I appreciate the effects that meditation can have on me both physically and mentally. Ergo, i’d like to see if I can accomplish that. Detailed answers are appreciated, but please keep it simple enough for my wandering mind to comprehend.

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Mind is like Dirty Water, all the moving thoughts are the dirt particles that stir the water of the mind and make it murky, but when you still the mind, the rest of the dirt drops to the bottom, and the water becomes crystal clear, this is the awareness of mind, with a mind like that you can go further than ever before.

The mind is like a weak muscle in the beginning, it can’t lift a lot of weight, but with continued practice, it becomes familiar and easier to do, eventually adding more weight to get stronger at what it is doing. The meditation helps increase the awareness of what you are doing so distraction does not tempt you away.

The Fundamentals of Meditation Practice

Powers attained thru Concentration

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  1. I recently came across an article with a meditation technique that is really good for aligning body-heart-mind-spirit. Check it out and also google “Core Energy Meditation”. Aligning all those 4 areas does more for you than still the mind. Try it and share your results.

  2. The whole aim of meditation is,

    1. to calm your mind, and
    2. to focus the mind on one thing.

    For this you need only a silent place. You could sit on a chair or you could sit on the ground with folded legs.

    The mind of a normal person is like an uncontrolled monkey jumping from one thought to another. To process all these thoughts a lot of body energy is used. Thus if your mind cease to process thoughts you will be saving a lot of body energy which can be used to cure a lot of ailments in your body. That is why a person who continues to meditate regularly even gets a nice body complexion.

    Anapana or concentration on the breath is the best form of meditation.

    If you sit down and close your eyes you will notice that your mind is jumping from one thought to another. Even though you want to concentrate on your breath you will find other thoughts also coming in between.

    In learning to meditate you must first learn to calm your mind. You do this by following every thought that comes into you mind. You must be like a Manager of a Hotel who stands at the entrance and observes the customers coming in. Without getting attached to the thoughts try to observe them. You will find that a thought comes in and that it goes nowhere and another thought follows it – try following that too – with same results. This way you will find that your thoughts gradually subside. Do not try to force out your thoughts.

    You will notice that all these thoughts are of something that happened in the past or something to be done in the future. When that happens your response in the mind should be,
    – ‘oh that happened some time ago – it is history’
    – ‘oh that has not happened yet’
    – ‘what am I doing now? – I am breathing’. This is awareness of the present moment. You must drop what happened in the past and what is due in the future and concentrate on the present. Then only you can bring your mind to focus on the breath.

    Of course do not expect results in one or two days. Practice it for at least 40 minutes every day for at least 2 months you will find that you have ‘killed’ most of your train of thoughts. (I have practiced for nearly 8 years and I could completely silence my mind only very recently.)

    Thereafter start concentrating on your breath. Notice the breath coming in and going out. You should not concentrate only on the tip of your nose. Notice the breath coming in and thereafter your lungs getting filled and then gradually exhaling the breath. When you have completely silenced your mind you will notice that the breath has become very pleasant and beautiful.

    After you finish that for the day start to think of a person or several persons whom you hate most. Having those people in mind start to think in a compassionate manner “may he be healthy, may he be happy, may he go up in life, may he live long”. Keep on doing this for about 10 minutes a day for a few months you will find that you do not get angry even when you have to get angry.

    You should be able to get some guidance from the following sites,

    1. http://www.dhamma.org/vipassan.htm/

    2. http://www.meditationexpert.com/comparat…religion/c_christian_prayer_and_christia… On Christian meditation

    3. http://www.meditationexpert.com/articles…and click on the free articles on yoga meditation – it includes articles on all types of meditations including Christian and Muslim meditation

    4. http://www.meditationexpert.com/health-r…for health benefits.


    They have a free book named ‘The Basic Method of Meditation’. Get a print out of it. Follow every word in it. They are golden.

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