What are the different fields of study within Psychology?

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Question by Ohps I forgoted: What are the different fields of study within Psychology?
And what do they involve?
E.g. Cognitive Psychology
Thanks 🙂

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this article should have everything you’re looking for.
hope i helped!

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  1. There used to be one, then three, then seven. Ergo, look them up online. Christ, your first answer was a link to Wikipedia.

  2. lostfan52 says:

    I know of Parapsychology and Neuropsychology…

  3. Wow. Today, there are many different fields of psychology and learning every single one of them is difficult, but I’ll outline the most predominant ones.

    Clinical psychology involves studying and applying psychology to help relieve, diagnose and prevent psychological disorders or dysfunction. This is usually the type of psychologist people will see, unless referred to a specialist of some sort. They promote healthy minds and well-being and this is done by the clinical psychologist through psychological assessments and psychotherapy.

    Cognitive Psych studies the internal mental processes such as visual learning, memory, language, problem solving, and feeling. Cog psych is a huge field just unto itself. It studies how people learn through sight, hearing, touch and what it takes for people to learn, how to memorize things, short-term memory, photographic memory, and how these things work in the mind, grammar and linguistics, language acquisition (i.e. how a person comes to learn a language both early and late in life), choice theory (what people use when making choices), concept formation, decision making, logic and reason. So essentially cognitive psychology examines mental process and how they work.

    Industrial-Organizational applies concepts to the workplace. They usually help improve the workplace by assessing employees, and improving the well-being of those who work there. They identify the behaviors that could help a company become more successful, and try to implement them within the organization. This would be through training sessions, hiring more effective workers, providing motivation and incentives for workers, or focus groups.

    Personality psychology studies patterns of behavior and thought. This would also include emotion. Personality psychologists study what makes up a particular personality and how that person may have become that way. This particularly includes the nurture vs. nature argument where some say that the way a person is raised determines their personality while another says it’s the environment around them that determines it.

    Developmental psychology places emphasis on the mind through the human life-span, studying how a brain changes from birth until old age. A psychologist in this field seeks to learn why someone understands, thinks, and feels and how these may change over age. Usually they focus on cognitive aspects, social aspects and neural aspects of a person’s life.

    Social psychology places emphasis on how humans think about each other and what we may think about other humans. This will include how humans will relate to each other and a person’s influence on other people’s behaviors while also looking how how and why people form beliefs and attitudes. Stereotypes are also a huge factor in social psych. Social psychologists tend to seek out why humans have placed stereotypes on particular racial, religious, socioeconomic statuses,and social classes and try to figure out how we may have formed these stereotypes. So basically social psych is the study of humans in a social sense.

    Drug and Alcohol Addictions psychology will focus primarily on how various drugs may affect the brain. This will include how drugs and alcohol will affect neurotransmitters (the hormones and chemicals in your brain) and their reaction between synapses in the brain. It also studies how and why people take drugs and their behaviors afterward. People in this field are usually researchers trying to figure out why drugs and alcohol affect humans or counselors helping those who already have an addiction.

    There are many, MANY more such as sports psych, quantitative psych, statistical psych, school psych, educational psych, counseling, consulting, comparative, and biological but I only touched on the most well-known ones.

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