What are things you like in a romance novel?

Question by Author: What are things you like in a romance novel?
I am trying to write one. I want it to be for young adults. What do you like in a romance novel? Names?
Plots? what should the main boy be like? What should the girl be like? Any other suggestions would be nice.

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Answer by Twilighters Gone Yet? 😮
Cute incidences which I can then steal and use.

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  1. pr0n

  2. Ewww.. I don’t like romantic stuff, but watevah floats your boat. Umm the guy should have mixed emotions on everything, and the chick should have a very bad past.

  3. Well, I really hate those stories where the boy’s all, “I can’t have you!” and the girls all broken after. It just pisses me off, not naming any books, *cough*Twilight *cough*

  4. the boy should be mysterious and has a secret like a really popular boy being into painting and has never told anybody and the girl should be really weird and a loser
    there should be a gf of the boy or something

    you should send me a copy when you’re done 🙂

  5. a romance novel would be different and interesting if it was from the GUY’S point of view.
    any romance novel has to have sex in it.
    names: not common names. like george and michael.
    plot: the guy is new at school and the girls all want him except one and thats the girl he really wants and they become talk and have a good conversation in after school detention.

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