What are your favorite romantic comedies/romantic movies?

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Question by I♥MB20: What are your favorite romantic comedies/romantic movies?
I absolutely adore romantic comedies. My favorite movie of all time is P.S. I Love You.

It’s one of those movies that makes you laugh, cry, smile and fall in love all over again. It has the most unique plot. And hey, you gotta admit that Gerard Butler is pretty easy on the eyes too ;))

What is your favorite Romantic Comedy and 3 reasons why? No rude answers please. Have fun! And thanks for your input.

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Answer by Jema
Shaun Of The Dead

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  1. notting hill <3

  2. Elysia Hansen says:

    At First Sight

  3. Serendipity. It’s funny and different and always makes me cry.

  4. The Dreamers was a great film

  5. When Harry Met Sally.

    Its such a funny movie and the interaction between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan is great. The dialogue and the banter back and forth at times is so classic. I love the reference to Casablanca throughout the movie. Its one of the best Romantic comedies ever made. Its so smart with so many good lines and the classic scene in the diner where Meg Ryan shows how she would fake and orgasm is so funny.

  6. Titanic <3

  7. 1. The Proposal (Don miss Sandra bullock’s dance)
    2. Hitch ( U ll start to will smith after this)
    3. The Invention of lying (Title itself says… this movie s diff from others)
    4/ 500 DAYS OF SUMMER

    If u want some some serious Romantic movie

    ATONEMENT — its one f the master pieces on ROMANCE …

  8. Rosie-doll Too says:

    I also really like PS I Love You…..but I’d have to say my favorite ‘romantic/love’ movie is What Dreams May Come.
    1. It’s visually beautiful
    2. The love story is beautiful
    3. It’s very original/creative

  9. LiLi_Fiona says:

    500 Days of Summer
    A Lot Like Love

  10. i love serendipity and titanic. Here are three reasons why:
    1. They are both really romantic.
    2. they have great plots.
    3. They make you laugh, lets you get over sad romance and it’s soooo touching!!
    there are so many reasons more but you asked for three!

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