What available romance books can I read?

Question by Taverealla: What available romance books can I read?
Well, I’m looking for a great book to read in my free time. I want people suggest books that I can read so that I know their well-known and have good reviews. So, I’m looking for romance, action, fantasy (like vampires and other supernatural beings) and the setting being in current times. I’ve already read the following: All the books in the Twilight series, all the books in the House of Night series and Fallen by Lauren Kate. What are other romance novels I can read? Please help!

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Answer by Mallory
meg cabot! (but NOT princess diaries) i suggest the mediator and 1-800-where-r-u. her singular books like how to be popular, avalon high, etc are good too!

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  1. All Nicholas Sparks books are AMAZING romance novels…

  2. ellen hopkins. no fantasy but romance. name of author is ellen hopkins. books are, crank, impulse, burned.so on

  3. lolarose744 says:

    SOOKIE STACKHOUSE SERIES!!! Author: Charline Harris Absolutely amazing! It’s the series that True Blood was based on.

  4. pikelily379 says:

    ok the best supernatural books i have read by far have been Nora Roberts’ circle trilogy. They include and in this order “Morrigan’s Cross” “Dance of the Gods” and “valley of silence” Awesome books that describe the life of 6 characters over 1000 years. At first I wasn’t going to buy them and then wow! Also if you like more witch type books also try nora roberts’ Three sisters island trilogy. Those books include “Dance upon the air” “Heave and earth” and “face the fire” Love these 3! Last by nora roberts’ is Key trilogy. Those books include ” key of light”, Key of knowledge” and Key of valor” All 9 books are great I own all of them either in print form or on my ipod in audiobook form. You cant go wrong with these. All have romace along with fighting supernatural. Good luck!

  5. Hush, Hush
    The Forest of Hands and Teeth
    Darkest Powers trilogy
    Mortal Instruments trilogy
    Nightworld series

    I also recommend anything by John Green. He doesn’t write paranormal romance, but he writes teen romance.

  6. Read Books by ANNE RICE. Her novels are the forerunner of current romantic vampire novels. She has a series of books grouped into “The Vampire Chronicles”. I also highly recommend her novel “LIVES OF THE MAYFAIR WITCHES”, which is the beginning of a series of other books on the saga of a family of powerful witches.

  7. I highly recommend the Vampire Academy series. it’s by far the best vampire series i’ve read. i liked it better then twilight and house of night both. It has really a really good plot and character, lots of exciting action, and romance that is to die for.

    or if you’d rather read something a little different the try the mortal instruments series. (city of bones, ashes, and glass) it’s another really good series, and it has vampires, werewolves, warlocks, faeries, demons, and the main character which are called shadow hunters. and this series has really good romance too.

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