What comedy or romantic comedy movie do you recommend?

Question by Sunflower @)->-: What comedy or romantic comedy movie do you recommend?
Recently new that is out on dvd. I renting movies but dont know which ones i should rent that are good romantic comedies or just comedy movies?
Any suggestions?

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Answer by likker
Mr Bean’s holiday

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In memory of the 1 & only Brittany Murphy. A Romantic/Comedy/Drama. Brittany Murphy was a Beautiful Person inside & out. Comments are disabled to Respect Her.
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  1. larkinsdelamare says:

    house of 1000 corpse

  2. DarkDevin22 says:

    I don’t really know that many romantic comedies, I like 50 First Dates thats a romantic comedy and its really good or Its A Guy Thing, and as for good romantic comedies like shows I would HIGHLY suggest How I Met Your Mother, its a love story in reverse a really great show

  3. Lets get drunk&freaky flyy(: says:

    i dont know about NEW but

    step brothers is funny
    27 dresses is good…
    lol sorry im no help

  4. love, honour & obey, very very funny

  5. flakyfresh says:

    Duplex (drew berrymore and ben stiller)

  6. babydoll loves Joaquin Phoenix. says:

    Duplicity or Ghosts of Girlfriends Past..

  7. Janie's Got a Gun says:

    Rushmore- student and his friend fall in love with teacher
    Slackers-unpopular boy fall in love with girl who have boyfriend
    Dawn of the Dead
    Groundhog Day
    Get Smart

  8. etkhrtkjhwer says:

    The Ugly Truth
    (with Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl) very funny ..great romantic comedy

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