What do you need most in your life?

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Question by : What do you need most in your life?

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Answer by HBNJ.
Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Show me a man that I can trust.

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  1. Juan Lopez says:

    i need processed food and alcohol in order to survive.

  2. love

  3. † Jesus Saves † says:


  4. spacious skies says:

    knowing my family will be ok 🙂

  5. Guyanese Prince says:

    Health and Strength

  6. The almighty dollar

  7. Music 🙂

  8. The love, there is no limit and enough before the death,

  9. Procrastination Consumes Me says:


  10. Rozell Swanson says:

    2012 bugatti vitesse , chateau in France , wife , kids , my own business , healthy body , unlimited abundance in all areas in my life.

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