What does stephen covey mean?

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Question by Bmoehs: What does stephen covey mean?
If someone offends you, take initiative to clear it up. It’s better not to take offense, whether intended or not. It’s best not to judge another at all but to forgive “seven times seventy,” if need be.But if we are offended and we can’t
fully forgive or resolve it inside, we should go to the other shortly
after the offense so reconciliation can take place.I give two
suggestions in taking the initiative.

what does the author mean? Do the words ” It’s better not to take offense ” mean ” It’s better to keep mute when someone offends you ” ?Thank you.

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Answer by Crimson Chin
If you are offended by someone, don’t just let it go. He’s saying it’s best not to feel offended, but that’s silly because we are going to feel offended about things no matter what.

I don’t read these things because they don’t say anything. Covey is just trying to sell his book.

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  1. people who judge don’t matter and people who matter don’t judge

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