what is a good way to control someone?

Question by manzoc92: what is a good way to control someone?
Almost in a colonial manner.Just curious.

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Answer by Sonny
Huh? You can’t control anyone else. Even if it appears you are controlling someone, it was them that first allowed you to. Especially in relationships.

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  1. Dragonfrog says:

    Universal Remote


    cut them open,use their tendons as strings,and turn them into a puppet.
    thats the only way you can try to conrol another human being

  3. Joseph H says:

    Read Robert Cialdini’s “Influence” and the second part of Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends & Influence People.”

    Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Cialdini to get a brief overview.

  4. solunamararenaver.tierra says:

    I think the best way to control someone is with love understanding the necessary need for that person, very important is not to try to control but Make agreement with the person to respect the rules that are set before the person get married or with theirs kids. Our society have rules that we have to obey ,but there is none that really specify if colonial manner or medieval or so. The way we educate someone is according how we been educated and our home we most of the time follow the patter of behavior from our parent cultures, academic, religious education . Control is a word that has many meaning for different people .But to me as long as you control yourself as perfect human being that is enough cooperation to this world.But also depend to whom you want to control if it is a little child you are in charge.Control other people I wish you the best .Everybody want control everything around us .And many of us can’t control our bad behavior we don’t want our kids smoke and drink but we do .So how we pretend to control other people behavior if we can’t control our own .We must be the best example for our love one in order to claim control in other and even then sometime is just not possible for us control situation people and things.That depend on your own resources to be able to control each situation people and things.

  5. vanhammer says:

    Why would you want to control someone? I’ve never understood why people need to feel like they have control over people and their lives. I mean, I have enough to worry about controlling my own life without trying to keep track of someone elses every move. I guess the person with the need to control feels out of control themselves….therefore the need to try it with someone else. A controlling person usually has a fear of losing another person or sometimes it’s simply a power trip. Psychopaths and sociopaths get a kick out of controlling other people and their emotions.

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