What is a subtle way to seduce a man at work?

Question by Kania: What is a subtle way to seduce a man at work?
I am having a debate with my coworkers who believe that there is no way to seduce a man at work without others knowing. I believe there is. I need opinions on if you believe one can do it and how you would go about it.

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Answer by UnicornExpert
One way to seduce a man at work: Tell him he doesn’t have to go for lunch because you’ll make him a sandwich.

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  1. Forget subtlety; just wait till you’re alone with him and ask if he wants to fuck.

  2. Small Business Owner in TX says:

    Can’t be done — when 2 people enter into a relationship, the dynamic between them changes so profoundly that they can’t, no matter how hard they try, can’t hide the body language.

    I was telling a slightly off color joke at work, over 40 years ago. The finance manager arched his back just slightly, and I noticed. There was only one woman in attendance there, so when I had a private moment with her, I asked “So how’s the romance with Jim going?” and after a few minutes conversation, she ‘fessed up to it. I once saw a married man take the glass of iced tea from another man’s wife at a party, take a drink of it, and hand it back to her, and I knew immediately that they were having an affair. I think your friends are correct, and you, my dear lady, are incorrect.

  3. Folow him into the bathroom and blow him.

  4. If you work with a bunch of kids, it’s not hard.

    If you work with adults of all ages, it’s nearly impossible. Like someone pointed out above me, there are always clues when two people have been intimate.

    The sharing of drinks and food is huge for most people. Not so much for me because I come from a big family and we’ve always shared everything. And I’ve been married. So when I go out to eat, I’m always letting people sip my drink and take my food. I dump my remaining food on the dude next to me. I find that married men (especially those with kids) are more than happy to finish off the plate. Single men, not so much. LoL.

    But if it wasn’t common knowledge that I split a sandwich three ways with people who’ve never tried it before and all the sudden took a bite off another man’s plate, you’d know I was banging him from that act alone.

    Basically anyone who knows you and your regular way of conducting yourself will know you’re banging, if they pay attention. Perhaps not immediately, but as time goes on you will let your guard down and show more intimate moments while at the work place, so eventually it will come out.

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