“What Is Consciousness & Where Is It?” – Deepak Chopra

http://www.scienceandnonduality.com What Is Consciousness & Where Is It?” Featuring Deepak Chopra What is the fundamental activity in the universe? Although …
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  1. WINDTALKER300 says:

    Consciousness is in the soul , the soul is in and around the physical body
    , it vibrates at forth dimension , it cannot be seen with the physical eyes
    , and because of this we tend to guesstimate the the brain is the best
    place to find ones consciousness.The mind , the part of us that is aware of
    whats around us , the part that thinks and rationalizes, creates new ideas
    and deals with our day to day problems , is in the soul ,

    That consciousness is also controld by an Angel in Heaven which we all have
    which sends forth parts of its consciousness , as soon as the sperm enters
    the egg , then the soul grows with the physical body of the baby , and the
    body is controld by the soul from the Angels in Heaven

  2. nathenpeter7 says:

    Are most of the audiences Indians?
    They seem to enjoy Deepak’s confusing assertions!
    He trivializes Science in two lines, and the audience seem to enjoy it.
    This kind of talk is exactly what has created infinite amount of poverty
    in India.
    Deepak says “If you can touch, feel, and taste something, then it is
    Deepak must go back to India and solve health problems there or feed the

  3. Red Pill Philosophy (can you handle my videos?) says:

    audio is way too low

  4. Guyon Hayklan says:

    Actually…roughly 68% of the Universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up
    about 27%.

  5. mieke van der poll says:

    The first part of this lecture is truly clear as long as I am listening to
    you dear Deepak. The moment I start thinking about it the clarity is
    totally gone lol!
    Now I finally understand what you mean by the “Seduction of Spirit”~:D~

    I understand by now what you mean by the consciousness of every cell and
    what Jesus said about this in the Bible: “Before Abraham I am”… thanks

    Substracting from my own “out of body” experience I now also realize that
    every discipline whether it is science, religion, philosophy, non-duality,
    psychology, gestalt., etc. are all disciplines invented by the human mind:
    all pieces of the puzzle where each piece carries the completeness of the
    whole puzzle inside itself.

    You say: “Consciousness is subject and object as potential”
    To me this means: consciousness is That to which I give meaning. I am That

    It is so simple so why on Earth have we made it so difficult?

    Thank you for putting the puzzle together.

    In the end we’ll probably all merge into the Cloud of pure potential (like
    Google is aiming at LOL).

    Welcome to Cloud nine, my special space ~:D~

  6. Open-minded Skeptic says:

    I think Deepak is on the right track toward a fuller understanding this
    mysterious reality. I always enjoy his lectures. Cheers.

  7. Martin Doherty says:

    Oh Deepak, I am not a fool. Darling I kinda love you but for
    comedy/humanitarian reasons only, but I do hope you have made enough money
    so far from your tripe peddling to pay for your future lawsuits.
    Love, someone as smart as you but with no inclination to con people, in
    fact the opposite, someone with enough time and knowledge to make an
    interesting part-time project of accelerating your path down that of of
    Benny Hinn, Kent Hovind, L.Ron Hubbard, Charles Ponzi, William Thompson etc
    etc xxxx
    Ps. You are not new and will be exposed, quit now for the sake of the
    wellbeing of others. It’s not like you can’t afford to buy yourself out
    sooner rather than later, you currently have the Oprah dollar!
    Peace out, we’ll be in touch again.

  8. Guyon Hayklan says:

    Deepak, Quantum Physics has nothing to do with God… please stop using
    areas of Science which the average person can’t understand without a
    massive amount of time spent researching it… you talk about the “woo woo”
    of others… but this is your “woo woo”. You are either very ill informed,
    or you are just another con man!

  9. Deepak is the best !

  10. Richard Spriggs says:

    My thinking is that consciousness will never be permitted to understand the
    origin of itself or how it’s existence came about.

    If it were ever able to do so, it would immediately begin to dig deeper and
    then rewrite it’s own programming so as to maximise it’s pleasure and
    survival prospects.

    If that were permitted, it would inevitably result in an imbalance and
    eventually the exclusion of all the other crucial entities that facilitate
    the existence of that consciousness in the first place.

    Can a machine ever be conscious? We will never know.

    The only consciousness that anyone can prove to exist beyond any doubt is
    their own.

  11. Adrian Kordas says:

    Both, direct and funny talk 🙂 Deepak is very wise man. Thanks for sharing

  12. It’s funny because he doesn’t seem to apply personnaly what he teaches.

    I mean he doesn’t seem so happy, or so healthy, or …

  13. libertine40 says:

    When it comes to searching for the location in the brain that your Mind’s
    hanging out in; you can keep knockin’ but there’s no one home! LoL!!!!

  14. Suheil Shahryar says:

    Great video to watch at the start of the year, when one is in reflective
    mood – very thought provoking – on your way to enlightment :-)

  15. Wondering what is Consciousness? Deepak Chopra describes how it can be
    perceived. He also touches the topics about popular cosmic riddles.

    #cosmicConsciousness #lifelessons #holistic #brain

  16. adam sawyer says:

    i enjoyed that and after seeing the comments below i am brought back to the
    realisation that people still worry about wrong or right which work for

  17. what's this says:

    Powerful woo peddler. 

  18. Krishna Kumar says:

    What spirituality knew 5000 years back in India and what science knows in
    2014 about who we are , what the universe is, time, space, consciousness
    and awareness. Please listen.

  19. God bless you deepak…hope you visit us in Sadi Arabia : )

  20. Swarna Shanmugalingam says:


  21. Alen Ulman says:

    Thank you so much. This is one of best, most practical videos I’ve ever
    seen. You’re doing amazing work. Have a Happy New Year :)

  22. Simple, God created it all!

  23. Really enjoyed this talk! thank you

  24. scienceandnonduality says:
  25. D V CHALISSERY says:

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