What is Positive Attitude and positive thinking?

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Question by asharnajeeb2003: What is Positive Attitude and positive thinking?

i want the answer of about 400 words plz help me

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Answer by Apple Picking Season
To reach a goal take small steps!

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  1. chasvanblom says:

    “POSITIVE THINKING” is merely looking at each situation as an opportunity – an opportunity to change, to grow, to experience an alternative to escape from the rat-race of how things have always been done.

    Positive thinking can be accepted, adopted, or denied toward an end of common disputes.

    The elusive and addictive effects of Positive Thinking can rise anyone (“anyone” implying anyone in any position in life; be it a street-sweeper to a corporate C.E.O.) above their daily life-stuggles.

    The results of a P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) are credited for many “major life successes.”

    %Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan are merely three life stories who have been effected with a P.M.A.

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