What is positive thinking?

Question by badguy: What is positive thinking?
Every body is saying postive thinking will improve our life,it is very useful to achive the goal, etc.,

but my question is what is the poitive thinking? I am tottaly confused about that….

for example: i fell in love with one girl but i couldnt get her, in this situation who one can think positivly or this is positive thinking that impossibile of to have a girl who i loved is goodness for my life .(This is only for example, lot of problems as like as above u might have been face in ur life..)
Pls any one explain me what is the positive thinking…..

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Answer by Learnlovelive
Basically positive thinking is based on the idea of universal attraction, like attracts likes, so if you think negatively, such as “damn i hate my life, i am always sick, i will probably get sick this month, since it flu season” and that person now attracts that negative experience, so they get sick. OR someone is saying “OMG Jim might not like me enough, i am never going to find anyone to ever want me, all guys are assholes, i am going to live a miserable life” and low and behold the relationship doesn’t work out and their life will be miserable because they think this way. Basically life is what you make of it, so what you think becomes your reality. In regards to positive thinking, say you have always sucked at math but you have to take Stats “you say, i am going to get an A in fact i am going to get the highest grade in the class” everyday you envision that “A” you also take action to make that a reality, and you get the highest grade in the class! (that happened to me last summer, and prior i was not a math person because i thought i wasn’t and i had negative thoughts about it) Another aspect of positive thinking is our bodies are attached to your mind, so when you think bad thoughts your body creates cortisol the stress hormone which causes inflammation in your body and results in a variety of diseases, at the least a lowered immune system so you can get sick easier, so your mind can make you sick and it can heal you based on your thoughts. The more positive you think the more positive experiences you will attract to your life. If you want something in particular, such as a girlfriend envision it happening, think positively, though you cant force it to be a specific person etc. It will be the right person.

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