What is similar about feeling depressed and feeling of falling in love?

Question by Roman Singh Karki: What is similar about feeling depressed and feeling of falling in love?
What is similar to feeling depressed and the feeling of falling love?
my friend and i were discussing this after our psych course last week, and we were wondering if the feeling of being depressed and the feeling of falling in love had any similarities? either getting to that emotion, the cause of that emotion, the affect on that individual, and so on…. we all know theyre seemingly two contrasted topics, but are they alike in anyway? how?

we’re interested in what you come up with. thanks :]

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Answer by Caroline
Your heart hurts in both/ like tingled or burns

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  1. If you feel depressed you are NOT falling in love with the right person. Falling for someone is way different that falling more in loev with someone, which might be very similar to feeling depressed if it’s unrequited.

    I suppose if you had to see some similarities it would be things like the fact you don’t feel like eating as much, your mind is always on one thing and, the very most important, creativity is way up. If you are heavily depressed you can’t be creative but a certain about of depression sparks the greatest amount of creativity. That’s why art is sometimes disturbing or songs are about depression. When you’re falling in love writing music or poetry or creating art or creative things is also increased.

    Otherwise I think they’re VERY different things.

  2. They are both distracting and can drive one to insanity

  3. the ache/longing in your heart?

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