What is the best way to keep older men happy?

Question by Celine: What is the best way to keep older men happy?
How do you keep an older man happy?

My man is 17 years older and he is a dream (mature and sexy). Ideas?

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Answer by Elaine M
What AGE group. A guy in his 50’s is going to be interested in different things than one in their 70’s.

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  1. sex

  2. Apple sauce, graham crackers and long naps.

  3. sheloves_dablues says:

    Being older than YOU doesn’t necessarily make him an older man..

    IF you’re 20 and he’s 37, he’s barely pushing middle age..

  4. Age doesn’t matter he wants you to SHUT up and stay thin

  5. Lots of sex.

    That ensures happiness with men of any age.

    Good food helps too.

    And don’t nag, have a pride in your appearance, listen to him and stay faithful.

  6. The Machine gun woman says:

    Make sure he always feels like he is a leader.That you are not dominant over him.Be feminine and sweet.Encourage him to make decisions and you follow.Look to him for advice and leadership. For him be a woman wear skirts and dresses grow your hair long. Be his woman.

  7. Generally, stay fit and don’t let yourself go… Other than that, ask your older man what he wants.

  8. Melinda Bossi says:

    That’s me too. Older men are like any other men they are visual and love pretty women

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