What is the difference of a projected parole date and and projected discharge date?

Question by JenROW: What is the difference of a projected parole date and and projected discharge date?
Projected Parole Date: 06/08/2011

Projected Discharge Date: 06/08/2012

which is the date when this person is scheduled to be released from prison?

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Answer by WATCH DOG
Projected Parole date is the date they can get out on parole if they do not get into trouble, the projected discharge date is the date the sentence will be satisfied and served complete.

The projected Parole date is when they will be released if they are granted Parole if not they will serve their full sentence.

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  1. Projected parole date is the date of earliest possible release if the parole board votes to grant parole.

    Projected discharge date is when a person must be released outside of a parole boards findings.


    There are different types of discharge. There is short wave and long wave discharge.

    Shortwave discharge means that a person has met good time + calender time eligibility requirements. At this point, with good time awarded intact, the parole board has no decision.

    Longwave is the day for day, actual amount of time by the calender that someone has completed their sentence. They cannot be held any longer.

    What’s the difference?

    With shortwave discharge this date is dependent upon the inmate meeting certain eligibility requirements with regard to time served. Either way discharge means that the parole board doesn’t render a decision; the amount of time served renders the decision.

    On the other hand, good time can be suspended or removed (again, this has nothing to do with the parole board and is handled within the incarceration system). If good time and credits are removed, then when we talk about discharge we are talking about longwave; day for day serving of the sentence.

    As far as the parole board is concerned, discharge means a release outside of the consensus of the parole board. Whether that’s long or short wave is another issue and is handled at a different level. Typically, when given projected discharge dates, this involves the short wave discharge.

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