What is the the Secret law of attraction?

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Question by John S: What is the the Secret law of attraction?
Anybody know the secret of Law of attraction

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Every person looks for a mate to reproduce good offspring to keep
their genetic traits living. That might not be on their thoughts but it
is nature for people to be this way. When people go to sperm or egg
banks they want all the info on the donor that can be had. That is a
clue to what attraction is in humans.

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  1. craftsdesigner1 says:

    Yes – To live as if. If you want a new car – go drive it, imagine it being in your driveway.
    If you want money – put $ 100.00 dollars in your pocket and go shopping, spend it mentally. Each time you “spend” it you are giving out the vibration of having money.
    We ALL use the Law of Attraction everyday all the time.
    I have just discovered that if you have “buried hurts” that will hinder you from attracting what you want.
    Hope this helps, I will be happy to chat more with you about it, just jot me an email.

  2. Michael B says:

    This question comes up a lot on Yahoo Answers, and I feel compelled to answer it because, as discouraging as it may sound, there really isn’t anything to this so-called “law of attraction”. The idea of thinking positively is a good one, but the so called “law of attraction” is largely just hype. The Secret simply takes a few good ideas which were developed by philosophers (thousands of years ago) and psychologists and extends them into “laws” that could actually cause more pain and sadness than they purport to help. It certainly is worth your time to looking carefully at the way you think and asking yourself whether what you say to yourself is realistic, or if there is a more positive and constructive way to think about the problems that are facing you. Here is a link to the episodes I’ve done on my podcast which directly address this so called “law” as well as positive thinking and what we call “positive psychology”:


    I hope this is helpful,

    Host of The Psych Files podcast
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  3. Law of attraction works according to law of vibration. In the same way that the law of gravity consistently responds to all of the physical matter of the planet, the law of attraction consistently responds to all vibrations. Every projection of thought with FEELING, whether you are focused into the past, present, or future, is vibration and has attraction power. Each of your FEELING offers a signal, similar to a radio signal, which the law of attraction recognizes and matches. So FEELING is SECRET of Law of attraction. Good feeling attracts Good, Poverty/lack feeling attracts Poverty etc That’s why Be Happy Now, Feel Good Now, be rich all gives the expressions to be so you can manifest them outside. “As within so without”
    There is course called Brahma kriya i.e I am ultimate creator” where I got learning material + personal online coaching. If you want You can find more about that course at

  4. silver rose says:

    The law of Attraction is a old scientific theory that composes, Everyone has the power to attract good things or bad things towards them. You have to manifest your wishes… to become a reality. It’s also based on your emotions. Being positive is a great part of this.You also have to look into the future, picture yourself having what you want.It would take me forever to write… The Secret, is a book by Rhonda Byrne. It states all this and plenty more.

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