What is your favorite type of romance novel?

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Question by amberautry86: What is your favorite type of romance novel?
I am going to be a romance novelist, and I am about 1/3 of the way done with one of my books. I would like to know from readers what their favorite type of plot, or things you like to read, in a romance novel? What are your favorite emotions to feel while reading?

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Answer by Holli
I’m in love with Vampire Romance novels like Lyndsey Sands and Mary Janice Davidson.

They aren’t Twilight copies … it’s light porn with a bite to it 🙂

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  1. Love Historical fiction. That’s what I write as well. Can do contemporary as well but Love history, so there you go.

    Favorite authors are:

    Francine Rivers
    Liz Curtis Higgs
    Dee Henderson

  2. Hermione Hyuga says:


  3. Please don’t write a Twilight equivalent. I have nothing against vampire romance novels, but reading Twilight makes me want to puke.

    Just telling you to please not write a Twilight equilavent. 😉

  4. That’s great that you plan on being a romance novelist. I’m hoping to become a novelist as well, but not in a particular genre. My favorite romance novels, in actuality, the only novels that focus on romance that I read are by Jane Austen. I love the language, the style, the descriptions that she has, not to mention the deception (Jane Fairfax in Emma) or the happy endings (Mansfield Park) with everyone getting exactly what they deserve.

    Oh, a romance novel it can be, but justice must reign. I like feeling as if everything’s content and right in the world at the end, especially, for example, when a character who has been a complete and utter jerk suddenly changes in an instant and marries the beautiful, gentle and lovable main character, the book disgusts me.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Every romance novelist should read a few of the ‘greats, like Georgette Heyer,even if not a fan of the genre. I would obtain a degree in a field that interests me and maybe minor in English or Literature if I could start over again. You might want to join a forum like All About Romance (AAR). You don’t actually have to join, but you can read tons of reviews about recent and older books. There are a lot of topics on the site and many different perspectives.

    Here is one article that asks various writers, “What is a Romance Novel:” http://www.likesbooks.com/romance.html

    Typical often used plot devices that I am a little tired of:
    Boy meets girl, conflict, cohesion, the big misunderstanding, etc. I enjoy historicals as long as they are not complete “wallpaper” historicals. I like dark age, medieval, pirates, highland warrior, victorian, etc. I do not mind vampire, werewolf & shapeshifter as long as it is “romantica,” otherwise, it is played out and the market is flooded with it. I am rare in that I *hate* chick lit.

    At the time of this writing, my favorite romance writers are Jo Goodman, Helen Kirkman and Jayne Kentz (and all of her pen names). Their characters are strong, fully realized, *believable,* and witty in a dry sort of way; and, of course: sensual when the time is right :). Further, their heroines are rarely ever TSTL (too stupid to live) and the hero is rarely an outrageous jerk. The more you read about romance, the more you will see acronyms such as TSTL.

    In my view, most writers want the reader to feel intrigued. I like the tension and the unyielding curiousity about what is going to happen next. A reader may not like or understand a character or a particular plot device for a while there, but they stay up an extra hour later out of curiousity.

    With romance: I like the happily-ever-after (HEA) ending.
    With suspence: I like some type of closure since HEA isn’t always practical.

    Good luck! Never give up your aspiration to write – it may take awhile, but you WILL succeed 🙂

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