What is your opinion of Oprah refusing to have the Republican VP candidate on till after the election?

Question by Mystic Mutant – Hero for Hire: What is your opinion of Oprah refusing to have the Republican VP candidate on till after the election?
Since Oprah already endorsed Obama, she refused to have Palin on. Is there a reason for that? Could she be scared of what Palin had to say?

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Answer by judo702
Endorsed Obama but she not putting anyone on her show.. Please get your facts straight. She can back someone without having them on her show.

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  1. She just wants to wait till after Obama wins.

  2. golfserv2001 says:

    She’s a hater…

  3. Mud Killer says:

    Oprah refused to have Palin on her show. A conservative successful woman who isn’t a member of Oprah’s freaking book club……imagine that?

  4. Both are Aquarians, with the gift of the gap.
    They might just bicker back and forth.
    Why give Palin a platform?

  5. It shows how frightened she is that her audience will decide for themselves.

  6. LadySnowbird says:

    There is less than 60 days before the election. Oprah’s show is scheduled already scheduled up through then … She said she would be able to have her on after the election. She thinks she is a facinating woman and would love to have them on her show after the election.

  7. gregory_dittman says:

    It doesn’t matter, but she probably is scared. Conservatives gave up on her long ago and Palin will never win over liberals.

  8. Right Wingnut says:

    It is like Ladysnowbird says, but even more curious is why the McCain campaign is refusing to let Sarah Darling do any interviews on her own.

    Maybe Team McCain are the ones afraid of what she might say.

  9. Morg III - Herald of Death says:

    The answer is simple – The Democrats have, for years, claimed to be the champion of the minorities as well as the poor. They feel that they are the only ones who can help these people by taking the money away from the working class to help others.

    Oprah already endorsed Obama and does not want to have a successful FEMALE REPUBLICAN come on and possibly take away the votes or make Oprah look bad by showing that there is no basis for Oprah’s endorsement and that women should vote by issues and not down party lines.

    Just remember the Clarence Thomas nomination and the ire that it drew from the left.

  10. paintedhorse30 says:

    Oprah is an entertainer, she is not the media. Who she has on her show is her business. Oprah is a very accomplished person, why would she want an idiot like Palin on her show to begin with? I doubt if Oprah is scared of what anyone has to say.

  11. Pitbull in Lipstick says:

    Because that is the way she is. She’s a closet racist and the thought of having a white woman VP candidate thats not running on the Obama ticket makes her hateful! She knows that if she had an unbiased opinion and had Palin on, that Palin would reach out the viewers and they would see that she’s a better candidate than Obama. It just goes to prove that the media and people like Oprah in the media have lost the cardinal rule of being unbiased and want to either attack, ignore or ban people that have opinions other than theirs.

    I think it’s also great that the FL Republicans Womens group publically announced a statewide viewing boycott for the Oprah show, I hope more states jump in to and then she will finally go off the air. She’s so full of herself.

  12. Serpentine Fire says:

    Oh, has Palin started to do interviews? Last time I checked she was still refusing to answer questions for the media. Didn’t know pit bulls and barracuda were such timid creatures.

    Oprah has already explained that she hasn’t had any of the candidates on her show. When Obama was on, it was for his book. Obama & Biden aren’t scheduled to be on her show anytime soon. Neither are Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain. John McCain isn’t scheduled to be interviewed and he’s the one running for president not her. So, why should Palin get special treatment?

  13. I wish she would have her on because that woman is hiding something. How many think that infant isn’t hers, but her daughter’s first child?? I read her 17 year old daughter was out of school for five monthd before the kid was born. Do we really want someone like that as VP? Someone who cares more about her career than taking care of her family? I don’t.

  14. Gentle Spirit says:

    It seems to me that Oprah sees herself as a BLACK person, before seeing herself as a WOMAN. AND she is trying to influence the election by having Obama on her show and no other candidates. I don’t know who she thinks she is – how dare she stick her big fat nose in our government! If she had class, she’d be neutral and keep her racial views to herself – it’s obvious to me that she’s anti-white.

  15. chris9812387392 says:

    I can’t figure it out. I know there is something more to it. Hmm….. I know she’s going democrat, but is that simply it? She said her show was not going to be a political spot. However, she had Obama on twice before he announced he was running. But who didn’t know he was going to run. If I knew, she knew. What other reason to have him on her show. He did not write a book. Right after he announced he was running she was quick to throw in her endorsement. It really does not matter to me. However, I can help but think there is something more to it. Is that whole political platform thing just an excuse? Hmmm…… I know there is something. Oh well…… The VMA’s sucked and so does Russell Brand:)

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