What would it take for a guy to read a romance novel?

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by Stewf

Question by : What would it take for a guy to read a romance novel?
I know there are some guys who do read romance novels but I think the majority don’t. So guy, what would it take for you to actually read a romance novel? What would need to be included?

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Answer by VSR
Well, first of all, the of the book would have to have some type of very interesting (maybe nude) picture of a girl. Secondly, the first sentence of the book should start with a dirty sentence (to catch a guys attention because guys can easily get distracted) and thirdly, it would have to be a very short book since guys tend to get bored very fast.

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  1. Give him The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.
    Ghosts, insanity, reincarnation, creepy gargoyle figures, violence, pornographic references, naked lady, disfigurement, it’s one weird love story, told from the perspective of the man.
    If he likes that, he’ll read any love story that has enough in it to upset him.
    Don’t expect him to go for sappy stories of undying love. Yuck.

  2. It would need a compelling story line and a strong hero. Too many romance novels feature strong women, but the guys have a studly role and little else. They need to be developed as more compelling and more complete characters in order to interest male readers.

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