What would you like to see in a romance novel?

Question by Emerson Champlain: What would you like to see in a romance novel?
I’ve been interested in writing a romance novel for a while, but I’m finding it difficult to come up with ideas that would appeal to my audience. The book I’m writing will be categorized as Romance/Teen Fiction, and I was wondering if any of you might have some suggestions as to what you’d like to see in a romance? Anything at all would be great!

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Answer by Mark
Lots of ass pounding 🙂

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  1. carey_ball says:

    Same color as mine

    i.e. brown

  2. The two characters that have a conflict that they over come together and become stronger out of it. I would love to see your novel whenever it is done!I bet it will be great. If it helps think of Nicholas Sparks book, he is really good at writing love stories!(: Hope this might have helped at least a little bit!

  3. Boy A -> Boy B
    Boy B -> Girl A
    Girl A -> Girl B
    Girl B ->Boy A
    Boy C-> Girl A,B (but he ends up alone)

  4. usually…people like it with sex…but i advice not to put any if yu dont like. Put scenes that make the girl’s heart skip a beat when she sees him. out on the beach, holding hands, their feet on the water and when the night comes their staring at the stars…that sort of thing.make it seem like they share a deep connection and have this sort of sensation when their near each other , that can be sexy….

    hope this helps….:)

  5. Power Rangers Unite! :) says:

    Something unpredictable. It seems like every story has a guy and girl that get together, then something happens and they break up, and then they get back together at the end.

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