Whats The Secret” Behind The Secret?

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Question by agreport11: Whats The Secret” Behind The Secret?

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Answer by Crystal clear
That it’s not really a secret. The ideas and beliefs presented in “The Secret” have been around for quite a long time – even back to the days of Jesus who taught that we reap what we sow.

Just an old line of thinking repackaged and represented in a modern-day world, as it has been done many times.

FYI – the quantum physics documentary movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” presented the same “Law of Attraction” ideas in its release two years before “The Secret”, though just with different wording.

LOL, I love how at IMDB next to “Writer” under “The Secret”, it says this: Rhonda Byrne (original concept)

Original concept – hardly!

I certainly believe that it works if we truly apply it to our lives, because even our medical professionals will tell us that our thoughts have an effect on our physical wellbeing, but I wouldn’t claim it to be “new” or “new age”.

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  1. Reiki Chick says:

    Essentially “The Secret” suggests that all you really need to do in order to get what you want in life is to wish for it. Its an overly simplified view of the Laws of Attraction. Its appealing to people on many different levels. But even by searching on yahoo answers on “the secret” you will find hundreds if not thousands of questions of people who tried it and it didn’t work.

    The reason is that its much more complex then just some cosmic santa clause or genie who grants wishes.
    The truth is not only do you need to focus your thoughts but you also have to set goals, and be constantly open for opportunities to fullfill your wishes. Then when you find an opportunity, you need to assess its merit, and then go after the ones that have the most potential.

    For example, lets say you want more money. Instead of just repeating that as a mantra daily, or even writing it and leaving the paper under your pillow all the while just waiting the days for the money to magically show up; you should also be researching what is the best way for you to acquire more money. Maybe that means a change in jobs, re-educating yourself for a different type of work. Perhaps you need to sell odd items or crafts on ebay, or even take a second job. Maybe it means getting financial backing from someone to support the start up of a new business, or even something as simple as a bank loan to cover costs for a specific event or purchase.

    Its a much more active process then the movie and books lead people to believe. That’s the main secret behind the secret.

    I hope that helps.

  2. That it’s BS.

  3. cardimom says:


  4. Life Is... says:

    It means that some woman got the brilliant idea to stand on the backs of all the sages that have traversed the last 8,000 years and talk about something that has been known for as long, if not longer, so that she could make a millions of dollars.

  5. An answer..

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