Whats your opinion about a 21year old falling in love with a 14 year old that is extreamely mature?

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Question by Heather D: Whats your opinion about a 21year old falling in love with a 14 year old that is extreamely mature?
So me and some people were having a conversation … is it wrong for a 21 year old falling love with a 14 year old..what about a 28 year old in love with a 18th year old these people are both mature.

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Answer by Ooompa Loompa
21 and 14 is weird. It doesn’t matter how mature the 14 year old is. 14= child. 21=adult. That’s illegal. 18 and 28 is fine because 18 and 28 are both adults.

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  1. Too big of an age difference.

  2. I will tell one thing do not be suprised if he just f*cks you and then just leaves you.

  3. Yes wrong for me both should be almost similar in length

  4. 28 and 18= Not Jail bait
    21 and 14= Jailbait and will be sent to jail…

    Honestly if we’re just talking about love where two parties are truly mature… then it shouldn’t have to end there. When two people are mature enough to understand the full capabilities of what a true relationship is, then there is no ending or beginning. Just two people who truly appreciate each other.

    Answer mine please?

  5. Yes, 21 and 14 is wrong. As for 28 and 18, the socially acceptable younger age to go out with someone is half your age, plus seven, which would be 21 for the 28 year old, so it would therefore be considered socially unacceptable.

  6. No matter what you say, a 14 year old is still a child. unless the gap is between 2-3 years i think its fine. But an adult having a romantic relationship with a child is some serious matter.

  7. 14 is not mature, you need to stop this now, this is not a joke.

  8. Pedophiles. Plain and simple.

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