Where would the climax take place in a romance novel?

Question by Canuck: Where would the climax take place in a romance novel?
Where would a climax be in a romance novel?
Would it be the wedding scene, the love scene, a type of scene that would be like a musical montage you would see on a film, etc?
Do you know any ideas, or info of this?

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Answer by sarahsmile
At the end of the love scene. LOL! JK. They don’t have one. Thats why they are boring!

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  1. Well, usually romance novels have a subplot which can have a climax, but if you’re talking just romance, it had better be pretty complex to have a climax.

    Take Pride and Prejudice, for instance. There was so many subplots that the climax was around the time when Lucy got married and Darcy helped him, Elizabeth realized her love for Darcy, and Darcy explained his treatment of Mr. Wickham. This all happened around the same time, so it made for an easy transition into the resolution.

  2. Maria Romana says:

    Well, plenty of romance novels have complex plots with climaxes, especially the more modern mystery/suspense/thriller romances. In those books, the climax would come just like any other book, when the bad guy gets caught or the mystery is about to be solved. Even in a straight romance that’s just a love story, there is always a climax (unless it’s a poorly written book). It usually is the pivotal point at which the two love birds may be parted forever, but finally come together.

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