which personality theory best explain personal growth?

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Question by betty boo: which personality theory best explain personal growth?
what experience have you had that have contributed to personal growth.

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Answer by norakelly29@yahoo.com
astrology is the best

then Erickson


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  1. Edna Eveline Filburg says:

    Death of mother.
    Death of brother.
    Death of father.
    Death of grandparents.
    Cancer in family.
    Birth of Child
    Continued learning through reading/study.
    Walking a mile in another’s shoes.
    Volunteer work…and on and on….there is no one experience that I can name, they all factor in. oh, and having good friends.

  2. The Meyers-Briggs really helped me out. It allowed me to know what I already knew – I was an a-hole. (I scored INTJ, aka Mastermind. Only reason why Einstein wasn’t this was because the test-makers wanted to create an intellectual god and felt that one so cold and logical would deter people from taking their test. So they made him a sissy. If only he was alive… if… only.)

  3. to explain personal growth there is only one answer, Time. there would be no experiance without time. you can experiance good or bad things, in the end they will both help you grow. if you see what im trying to say.

  4. All any personality theory can do is tell you some things about yourself — and then it’s up to you whether it rings true. You can always say, “Nah, that’s not me.” But if you end up saying, “Yes–that’s me!” then maybe there’s something in the description that you can use for personal growth.

    The Enneagram pretty much jumps right into the personal-growth angle. If you find out your Enneagram type (i.e., one of them makes you say, “Yes–that’s me!”), you’re automatically finding out something that has been a stumbling block in your life — something about you that could stand to be improved. It can be any of nine basic things, depending on your type.

    My Enneagram type is 9. Basically it means I’m unaware of my own needs and slow to take action. So, I’m learning to make myself jump into action mode more often, because once I start, I find everything usually falls into place and I feel better about my life. I’ve also gotten into the habit of doing a daily physical workout, because that grounds me and helps me get into action mode.

    Sixteen-type theories (e.g., Myers-Briggs) can also be tools for personal growth. But you may have to dig a little bit to find out what you need to do.

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